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Is it a Sin to Win a Million Dollars?

Sure it ain’t like Vegas where you’ll have to dig into your pocket to let the good times roll, CASH ONLY and get this, ZERO BONUS. Although you get a free cocktail but better tip that waitress! As little as $1 and less bet is enough to keep that roulette wheel spinning. Still it stays true the saying that you have to risk a lot to win a lot.

Question is, do people really win ten thousand, hundred thousand… no… million dollar jackpots… at online casinos?

You wouldn’t know ff you’re perpetually playing for Fun Money. But you will all agree with me when I say that playing for Real Money isn’t anywhere near as easy as playing for fun.

So, yes, winning the jackpot will take more of your sweat than you expect. That’s considering only your fingers are doing all the work while the rest of your body remain immobile, if not catatonic from playing 20 hours a day. But every once in a while, a very lucky sonofabitch rises from the crowd:

From InterCasino:

"Millionaire Slot Jackpot of $1,067,836 won!! – Richard R. from the USA is our new instant Millionaire after winning the Millionaire Slot Jackpot on July 27th. �All I can say is �Yeah Baby! I still can�t believe this is real,� said the grateful 49 year-old winner who has been an InterCasino.com regular."

Or this one from 888 Casino-On-Net:
UK Open Winner Casino

"Well done to Ian F., from the UK, who is now $500,000 richer after leaving the competition for dust at this year’s $1million 888.com UK Open, the second in what is proving to be a very popular event in the poker world. And with that much money walking out the door, it’s not hard to tell why!"

Did Mr. F. win that car too?! It didn’t say.


Ok, ok, these are only two people compared to the thousands, no millions, of online gamblers nowadays. But hey, no online casino says everybody wins, right?

And the issue is not how many people wins the jackpot, it’s that somebody can win the jackpot! These stories of success only fuels our urge to keep on playing.

Will it cause addiction? Maybe. Is it a SIN? (biting fingers)… Christian fanatics constantly remind us that gamblers are a bunch of sinners with suite reservations in hell.

"Covetousness is a sin! Therefore, gambling is definitely a sin! We are supposed to be content with what God has given us. " (Jesus-Is-Savior.com)

This is a classic chicken-and-egg issue so we won’t dwell on that. What I believe is we’re all adults here. We know what is right and what is wrong. Right?

Uhm, not always… But the point is you know the risks and you know what you’re getting yourself into. You don’t need the world to be your baby sitter. If all you want is a little bit of excitement and fun, it won’t hurt to bet a buck or two.

Who knows, it may even win you a million dollars. And a million dollars is always heaven sent.

I gotta end this post coz I have gone from Vegas to online casinos to some evangelists… all I really wanted to say… $100 Bonus on $100 Deposit – no questions asked, instantly added to your bankroll – click here (until Jan 1 2006 only) (YEAHHHH!)

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