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Internet Gambling Prohibition via the Backdoor

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

 Ok, buddy BILL FRIST and cohorts just managed to insert an online gambling prohibition onto a bill on port security – an anti-terror effort. The bill says banks and credit card companies should not pay or act as payment conduits to online gambling companies – no regard if these companies were legal and licensed in […]

Letting NFL QBs Run with the Football is a Bad Idea

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Yep, these plays sure are the most exciting plays to watch on the NFL Football field.

What’s better than watching a quarterback scramble out of the pocket and run the football for the first down or even a touchdown? Michael Vick is already providing us with a whole lot of plays like this in NFL Football.

Of course, mah’ boy, Vince Young, did that back in college with the Texas Longhorns, eventually earning his team the NCAA College Football championship.

Yep, quarterbacks are suppose to JUST PASS the damn football and hope that his wide receivers will be agile enough to complete the catch. However, guys like Michael Vick and Vince Young changed the way we look at NFL QBs.

Nowadays, these ‘’new breed’’ of quarterbacks, so to speak, have this second threat of being able to go with the running game without handing it off to the HB. With these ‘’new breed’’ of QBs, defenses find themselves second guessing on the field, making them cover the wide receivers, the half backs, and now, as well as the QB.

But is letting your QB run with the football really a good idea?

Um… NO. Well, not if you want this QB to be with your team for the long haul. You see…

Michael Schumacher will go for it all in China

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Michael Schumacher is only two points away from championship leader Fernando Alonso.

Oh yeah, he also said that he will be retiring after this F1 season is over. Ferrari has already announced that Kimi Raikkonen will be taking over the seat Schumi will be leaving. There are only three more races left in the F1 season.

This all means that Michael Schumacher has only three races left in what has been an awesome F1 career. And with three races remaining, not to mention two points away from finding himself on top of the F1 standings for the first time this season, don’t expect Schumi to give Fernando Alonso the easy way towards the checkered flag in Shanghai, China.

Michael Schumacher’s time is running out and at the 2006 Chinese Grand Prix, Schumi will make the most of what he has left. Three more races, two more points, it seems everything is set for a dramatic finish as far as Michael Schumacher’s career is concerned.

Michael Schumacher trails the Spaniard by just two points with only three races remaining and securing his maiden victory in…

Fernando Alonso wants to Focus on China for now

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Labeling Fernando Alonso as one furious Spaniard at the 2006 Italian Grand Prix is an understatement.

First, he saw the stewards penalize him for blocking Ferrari’s Felipe Massa in qualifying. Then, he saw his Renault retire from the race. And then, he watch Michael Schumacher trim his drivers’ championship lead to two.

It was not a good weekend for Fernando Alonso at the 2006 Italian Grand Prix to say the least.

Alonso was furious after a controversial ruling by race stewards at Monza saw him penalised for blocking Felipe Massa in qualifying. The Spaniard then failed to finish the race as title rival Michael Schumacher sped to victory.

That win for the German saw Alonso’s lead at the top of the drivers’ championship standings slashed to just two points and, with three races remaining in the season, the battle for the title is still alive and kicking.

‘’I put it out of my head for this race and the rest of the championship, but I will not put it out of my head in my career or in my life, never,’’ said Fernando Alonso.

‘’All my career I will have some memories and some feelings that happened in go-karts, in many races I did in 20 years, and what happened in Monza will always be…”

Nobody WILL Score in this NFL Football Game

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Yep, that could be a possibility when the San Diego Chargers visit the Baltimore Ravens for NFL Sunday Night Football.

Coming to this game, the San Diego Chargers come in as the ‘’new blood,’’ the new bullies in town, if you will. Well, that’s what the Chargers showed us anyway in their last two NFL Football games.

San Diego Chargers linebacker, Shawne Merriman is already establishing himself as the league’s best defensive player. And mind you, he’s only in his second year as an NFL Football player.

Also, the San Diego Chargers have defensive end Luis Castillo, the same man who is now being regarded as the best defensive end to come into the NFL in the past five years. As unblockable as Shawne Merriman is, THIS guy is as unstoppable.

The San Diego Chargers, with these guys in uniform, now have the no.1 ranked defense in the league. On Sunday, these Chargers will visit the Baltimore Ravens, a team known in the NFL of one thing and one thing only, shutting any team’s offense down.

The Baltimore Ravens have been shutting opponents down for more than a decade now. And yes, defensive icon Ray Lewis has always been the…

Same Old Signs for a Young Era in NFL Football

Friday, September 29th, 2006

When will the Tennessee Titans finally get it?

The Tennessee Titans are now at 0-3 in this new NFL Football season. Yep, 0-3. This is the same team who had the testicular fortitude to think that they can go by without Steve McNair, letting him go to the Baltimore Ravens before this new football warfare began.

Well, after three weeks and three losses, testicular fortitude might not be the proper term to describe these Titans from Tennessee. Testicular fortitude? NO. Dicks? Definitely.

In an NFL Football game of two teams who came out of the gates this season limping, the Miami Dolphins and the Tennessee Titans faced off, looking for their very first win on the football field. In the end, the somewhat still struggling Miami Dolphins pulled it off, winning the game 13-10.

The reason? The Titans still opted to go with Kerry Collins as their starting quarterback.

This is after the Titans front office was rumored to start Vince Young for Week 4 if Kerry Collins will still continue to suck against them Dolphins on NFL Sunday Night Football. Well, after this one, probably the only…

Now You Can Play Live Baccarat Game Online

Friday, September 29th, 2006

James Bond likes his martini shaken, not stirred, while playing his favorite Baccarat casino game.

Baccarat is hugely popular in European casinos as Blackjack is in the US, I guess. You can correct me if I’m wrong, no sweat. But this game has also become the favorite game for Asian gamblers, particularly the hotshot Chinese casino players.

To give you a brief background: Baccarat (say Bah-Caw-Rah) is actually an Italian reference to "zero", it’s a table game played with eight decks of cards. In this game, you are not competing against the dealer or the other players as you are in black jack. Quite specifically, you are betting on the cards. The object of the game is to obtain a two-card hand (in some cases, up to a three-card hand) with a total value that is closest to 9.

James Bond plays Baccarat Go to any of your favorite online casino sites and you will always find baccarat on its roster of games. Although it’s highly popular, it’s not as easy game to play as your favorite black jack. With so many cards involved and pretty complicated set of rules at first sight.

Plus many players who indulge in this game are the whales, or those high roller dudes.

Online gamblers from Asia and Europe are welcome to play. Folks from Italy will be happy to hear that by next year online gambling in their country will be legalized. Therefore they can freely…

Terrell Owens did not Attempt Suicide

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Apparently, the city of Dallas, Texas wanted to be clear on that one as far as their NFL Football superstar is concerned.

The Dallas police classified Terrell Owens’ case as an ”accidental overdose” and not ”attempted suicide.” Yup, they made the classification after closing their investigation of the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver’s hospitalization.

Oh yeah, these were the same guys who practically rocked the entire world of NFL Football after making an initial report that read ”suicide by prescription pain medication.”

Police Chief David Kunkle, on the other hand, said he had great confidence in his officers’ initial report. Yup, no matter how fucking stupid it sounded when the entire sporting world heard about it. Well, when you’re talking about Terrell Owens, everything sounds stupid anyway.

”The report, in my opinion, reflects what the officers were told and represents their best interpretation of what happened,” David Kunkle said. ”But that doesn’t mean it’s the…”

MLB Playoffs: Padres, Dodgers, Phillies in a gigantic finish

Friday, September 29th, 2006

The MLB baseball playoff races appear to be coming down to the final day.

Oh the drama. Oh the excitement. It’s official: the best part of the American sports calendar is upon us. MLB playoffs lie just around the corner, the NFL is approaching its quarter-season mark and NCAA football is in full swing.

So for all intents and purposes the remaining intrigue  surrounds three teams: the San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies – all battling for two remaining MLB playoff spots.

Philadelphia Phillies MLB Playoffs OddsThese three teams are crossing swords for the final two National League playoff berths, with the Padres leading the NL West by one game over the Dodgers and the Phillies and Dodgers virtually tied in the wild-card race. 

All recent MLB trends point to the Padres making a second consecutive postseason appearance for the first time in franchise history and the Phillies returning to the playoffs for the first time since 1993.

As of Monday morning, Baseball Prospectus gives the Padres an 89.0% chance of making the playoffs, the Phillies a 63.7% chance and Los Angeles a 47.2% chance. That’s about as nip-and-tuck as it gets.

While the Giants have been eliminated from the NL West and all but eliminated from the Wild Card race, they would sure enjoy knocking the Dodgers out of the postseason — just as they did in 1991 on the…

NFL Football asks, ”Matt Leinart who?”

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Yep, apparently, NCAA College Football superstar Matt Leinart is virtually a nobody in NFL Football.

Back in college, Matt Leinart is almost a media demigod. He was a fixture at various hot spots and under the bright lights on the red carpet. He was rumored to be dating Paris Hilton for some time and oh yeah, he also won two NCAA College Football national championships and a Heisman Trophy.

Everybody in NCAA College Football knew the name, Matt Leinart. In NFL Football, it seems the name Matt Leinart is slowly fading away from the limelight.

These days, Matt Leinart finds himself far from the popularity he got back with the USC Trojans. He is no longer the media demigod, no longer a Paris Hilton boyfriend, Leinart is simply an NFL Football rookie drafted by the Arizona Cardinals, fighting for playing time.

Yep, going to the NFL was definitely a humbling experience for this guy. And yeah, Leinart is going back to basics with Arizona Cardinals head coach, Mike Kruczek.

”Draw up double left, jet left, quick 212, H-slant and explain to me the various reads,” said Kruczek, who played quarterback at…



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