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Bodog CEO Calvin Ayre Next To Be Arrested, Odds Anyone?

As of this writing, BetonSports has suspended its online wagering operation.

Only days after the Anti-Online Gambling Bill was approved by the US House came another shocking news that is currently sending spine-tingling volt in the online gambling industry.

"While changing flights in the USA en route from the United Kingdom to Costa Rica, David Carruthers, Chief Executive of BETonSPORTS plc was detained by US federal authorities." said a statement from AIM listed Bet on Sports, announcing the arrest of its CEO David Carruthers at Miami International Airport.

Carruthers is being detained on various charges of racketeering, conspiracy and fraud. It doesn’t stop there. The United States has also filed a civil complaint to obtain an order requiring BETonSPORTS to stop taking sports bets from the country and to return money held in wagering accounts to account holders.

calvin-ayreThe crackdown on Internet gambling, it seems, begins even before HR 4411 is passed into law. Or maybe it’s the US government sending clear a message to all that "we can arrest anybody who piss us off and there’s nothin’ anybody can do about it!"

Carruthers has been an outspoken proponent of legalizing gambling in the US and has openly lobbied in Washington for legislative changes.

Now one can’t help but wonder if the thousands of online gamblers who flew into Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker are facing imminent arrest while they line up at the airport after the tournament is over. If the marshalls can wait that long, that is.

See, many of todays WSOP participants won their way into the event through the online qualifiers sponsored by the many online poker rooms who have set up shop on the web.

Or will they next arrest Bodog CEO Calvin Ayre while he parties with his cohorts of oddsmakers in Vegas? In light of this witch hunt scare he has decided to postpone the Bodog Marketing Conference originally set for July 23-25, and considering another international location.

On Tuesday, however, Ayre in all his most elligible bachelor glory appeared on CNBC to defend his Costa Rica-based online sportsbook and casino business. "These charges have absolutely no bearing on Bodog.com and how it conducts its business," he bodly declared.

While Paradise Poker/Sportingbet CEO Nigel Payne and Alistair Assheton of VIP.com are said to be reconsidering their travel plans to the US.

With HR 4411 pending, there is no law against taking bets from Americans, either in England or in the United States. Yet the federal government vows to "punish and seize the profits of individuals who disregard federal and state laws."

So let’s see, if the government decides to arrest everyone who participates in this online gambling thing, say there’s  10 thousand WSOP players now in Vegas, a few more thousand students who spends their college money betting and playing online, then let’s say a minimum of 1 million adult Americans betting on sports….. f@*#k it, we’ll be running out of jail space!

But what’s stopping them from opening another Guantamo for online gambling conspirators?

Cultural Oddsmaker: Which Online Gambling Event will be cancelled next?

- Casino Affiliate Conference 2006 in Las Vegas 4/1

- Gambling Portals Webmasters Association 2006 in Las Vegas 2/1

Revisit: BetonSports CEO, David Carruthers, Arrested

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3 Responses to “Bodog CEO Calvin Ayre Next To Be Arrested, Odds Anyone?”

  • OddJack Says:

    Nah, CALVIN AYRE will not be arrested coz if they do arrest him – the suave CEO will be such a media darling and media magnet that BODOG’s traffic will shoot through the roof.

    The indictments on BOS seem to be company specific rather than industry witchhunt – stemming from their boss’s bookmaking trail – and the trucks and tents and mobile setups for opening accounts and placing wagers certainly did not help.

  • picaresque Says:

    good luck to the online gambling watchdogs. if they still have no idea how impossibly utopian their goals are, and not to mention, obsolete in the new millennium, they can always ask the RIAA.

  • dogcrap green Says:

    From what I can see it was one person – Catherine Hanaway – whose dream it is to conform the wold to her standards of living. Her employee (our tax dollars) are just doing what she tells them to do.

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