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Keith Van Horn sits out NBA Season to be a Housewife

Yep, apparently, Keith Van Horn would rather be a housewife than earn a whopping $5 million in NBA Basketball.

Sad ain’t it? Keith Van Horn did not don any NBA Basketball uniform on opening night. Instead, he wore an apron on top of a goddamn dress. Van Horn, the solid backup of Dirk Nowitzki in his heydays with the Dallas Mavericks last year, opted to sit out the NBA Basketball season to be with his family.

Although I don’t have anything against guys staying with and supporting the family, what Keith Van Horn is doing is just plain stupid. Hell, this guy could’ve supported his family with the $5 million salary he’ll be receiving for ANY NBA Basketball team as a midlevel salary exception.

Yup, ANY team.

Keith Van Horn is laying lower than the bent grass greens at Augusta National. So is his agent, David Falk. Meanwhile, the rest of the league doesn’t know whether to applaud or request that Van Horn undergo a CAT scan.

‘’I think there’s probably a little bit of both,’’ Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl said. ‘’I’m sure there’s some players saying, ‘Wow, why would he want to turn down that money?”’

The Denver Nuggets could’ve signed the solid seven-foot forward this season. Tough luck eh?

The Boston Celtics also were interested, so he could have made his season debut Wednesday at the TD Banknorth Garden. Had he signed a free-agent deal with the Celtics, Van Horn would have become the team’s resident historian of the Atlantic Division. The guy has spent more time on the Eastern seaboard than Tony Soprano.

Instead, Keith Van Horn is at home, making milk and baking cookies.

Who will win the 2007 NBA Championship? Here are some odds from Bodog:

Chicago Bulls 7/1

Detroit Pistons 9/1

Dallas Mavericks 7/2

Miami Heat 4/1 (boo!)

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9 Responses to “Keith Van Horn sits out NBA Season to be a Housewife”

  • Sebrina Webster Says:

    Too bad Keith is a cheater…makes you really like him now huh?

  • dave Says:

    is he really? how do you know for sure?

  • Jay Says:

    I highly respect Keith for passing up money to be with family. Nothing is more important and the author obviously is stupid to say Keith can support his family for $5M. Support is not money. Support is Daddy being with the wife and kids. Plus he’s not a “7-footer”, he’s been 6-10 his whole career!!!!!

  • J.J. Jack Says:

    Of course he is, you obviously missed the fact that he could’ve earned butt-loads of money with Denver. Now go to bed and think of better things to do… Bitch.

  • Brent Says:

    Everybody is making this out to be a money issue. The reality is it appears that Keith has enough money and is not satisfied with the oppurtinities presented.
    Most guys don’t mind sitting on the bench unless they are as talented as Keith. Just doesn’t want to waste his time so to speak.
    PLayers in the NBA can get bored pretty quick.

    I wouldn’t be surprized to see him come out of retirement.

    Maybe the JAZZ will lure him back!

  • Angie Says:

    He has enough money. What he doesn’t have is memories of him going to his 4 kids’ communions or birthday parties. Sometimes when you already have enough money to pay for everything you’ve ever wanted, you want something that doesn’t have a price on it. Like for instance a chance to do the things you’ve always wanted to do like go fishing with your son.

  • S. Van Horn Says:

    I think some of you guys must wish you could make that kind of money, its clear that keith has his reasons none of them being he is a jerk, like you guys with the rude comments

  • andy siemen Says:

    I wish i could have made that much of money

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