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Making NASCAR Movies from the Nextel Cup Series

Of course, you’ve seen your share of NASCAR movies for sure. If you haven’t, I got two words for you, GO OUT.

Anyway, yeah, Hollywood tends to make movies based on sports too and NASCAR wasn’t spared. Unfortunately, sports movies in general are a minefield of cliches, bad scripts, inaccurate playing dynamics and near-constant waist-up nudity. That is when they are at their best. At their worst, you end up with ”The Babe.”

My favorite sports movie would have to be ”Any Given Sunday,” because of the fact that Al Pacino was on it. I know I know, the film had it’s fair share of bad reviews but c’mon, it’s goddamn Al Pacino baby!

nascar_movie.jpgAs for NASCAR, it could go as ”real” as ”The Dale Earnhardt Story,” or as utterly stupid as ”Cars.” On that note, here are some NASCAR movies you may have already seen.

Days of Thunder.” So bad it’s good. Racing purists cringe at the utterance of its title. You can make a solid argument that this movie helped boost NASCAR into the stratosphere, and that this was Tom Cruise being cool instead of weird. Never could figure out why Wesley from the ”The Princess Bride” was cast as the smooth, handsome bad guy. Just hire Jeff Gordon.

Viva Las Vegas.” Is it really a NASCAR movie? Who cares, it has Elvis! Elvis has himself a hand-built car ready to enter the Las Vegas Grand Prix, but the rig needs an engine. I know! They’ll gamble their way to enough money to get the engine, sing some dopey songs, dance like it’s 1959 (it’s 1964) and woo Ann-Margret. Hey, I’m still with him on the Ann-Margret part. Now, Elvis made a real NASCAR movie called ”Speedway,” but it co-stars Nancy Sinatra.

Stroker Ace.” Burt Reynolds when he was still sort of big (and a NASCAR owner), plus Loni Anderson, who was, ahem, big. And Jim Nabors as… well… Jim Nabors, reprising the role he plays in every movie or TV show. Actually, Nabors is the crew chief. Yep, the crew chief. Dale Earnhardt, Neil Bonnett and Harry Gant show up. What this movie really needs, though, is Dom DeLuise.

Who will win NASCAR’s 2006 Nextel Cup Championship? Here are some odds from Bodog.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. 12/1

Jeff Burton 2/1

Jeff Gordon 5/1

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2 Responses to “Making NASCAR Movies from the Nextel Cup Series”

  • OddJack Says:

    NASCAR rocks, no matter how redneck this sport of racing stock cas is – I finally got it when I went to Homestead and witnessed redneck nation in collective ecstasy over these racing engines and precision drivers – motor sports is a passion in America. I dig chicks with Mustangs and Corvettes.

    Just kidding, NASCAR sucks. Only watch it when I need to fall asleep – with those cars going round and round and round – lap 350… zzzzz….

  • David Winsor Says:

    stock cars are great =d

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