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Miami’s CHEAP Win Over Detroit in Game 1

Yah, Miami Heat head coach, Pat Riley, is nothing more but a miserable bastard.

Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and the Detroit Pistons was shaping up to be an exciting game, to be decided with a close finish. However, Pat Riley decided to go to the cheapest strategy in the basketball court whenever you play the Pistons.


Pat Riley’s team was already winning in the dying minutes of Game 1. Instead of playing on and let fate control the outcome of the game, he let Ben Wallace’s free throw dictate it.

It was 2:28 remaining in Game 1 when the Heat, up by nine points, called a timeout. Then when the game resumed, we saw Shaquille O’Neal foul Ben Wallace, leaving the Pistons with virtually no chance of scoring, not even a single point.

And they didn’t even have to play defense to do it. Ben Wallace’s shooting at the foul line is the best defense from Pat Riley’s cheap tactic.


Wallace promptly bricked two free throws, although one could point out it was a moral victory that both shots at least hit the rim.

That makes him two for his past 19 from the line, and he’s now a miserable 22.2 percent for the playoffs. Yes, an NBA player is shooting 22.2 percent on free throws — essentially making him a safer bet to miss a shot from the line than the average pro is to make it.ESPN

This just shows how desperate Pat Riley and Shaquille O’Neal (with all due-respect to the Diesel, I’m after all, a big Shaq fan) are to win another NBA championship ring.

However, knowing the Pistons, they WILL find a way around Riley’s antics and I’m betting that the Palace of Auburn Hills will be celebrating the Pistons’ third-straight trip to the NBA Finals as early as Game 5.

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