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Reggie Miller ain’t Happy about Jackson’s Shooting

And no, it ain’t about shooting the basketball on the NBA Basketball court.

Apparently, Indiana Pacers shooting guard, Stephen Jackson, got involved in a different kind of shootout outside an Indiana strip club.

The police reported that one Stephen Jackson fired a gun in the air in self-defense last Friday after he was slugged in the mouth and struck by a goddamn car that sent him flying onto the hood.

Ouch. At least he gets to become a highflyer for a change. He he…

pacers_duo.jpgWell, Indiana Pacers living legend, Reggie Miller ain’t happy about it. Reggie Miller said he can’t understand why the rest of the Indiana Pacers are standing by Stephen Jackson after this violent incident in Indiana.

”That’s ridiculous,” Reggis Miller said. ”That is a black cloud. That is a punch in the gut for [team CEO] Donnie Walsh and [team president] Larry Bird.”

He he… You can’t blame Reggie for feeling this way. Heck, Stephen Jackson basically fucked the Indiana Pacers organization all over again in spite the fact that the team is in an aggressive PR campaign this preseason with television advertisements and billboards featuring Indiana Pacers players packed with the ”It’s up to us” slogan.

Stephen Jackson was already suspended for 30 games in his role in the infamous brawl at the Palace of Auburn Hills with the Detroit Pistons back in 2004. I guess the Pacers are back in THAT hole again eh?

The Indiana Pacers didn’t even make it to their preseason opener before their latest public relations mess and the new NBA Basketball season haven’t even started yet. Well, the Pacers have rallied around Jackson, and Miller disagreed with that.

”You shouldn’t stand behind a player that is someone slapping you guys in the face during the middle of training camp being out at a strip club at 3 o’clock in the morning shooting it up like it’s the Wild, Wild West,” he said.

Ouch. You can just see Stephen Jackson getting ready to slit his wrists and do a ”Terrell Owens suicide attempt.”

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