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British and Other Immigrants Invade This Year’s Oscar Race

PoppyZIt’s not just Posh Spice and David Beckham that are the newest flock of British invaders in America.

At the 2007 Oscar nominations not just the Brits, but also the Japanese and the Mexicans, et. al. have created an immigration problem in the Hollywood movie industry as well.

Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto could have joined the race but after that anti-Jewish slur incident, he can forever wave bye-bye to any chance of getting another Oscar nomination. Making a film about how the Jews killed Jesus is forgivable, but telling it straight to their faces is, well, career suicide.

Martin Scorsese, Oscar Best Director nominee for The DepartedAnyway, three top British actresses top the Best Actress category: Judy Dench, Kate Winslet, and Golden Globe winner Hellen Mirren. Now Winslet has been nominated many times now, but she always had the bad luck of facing off with equally great actresses with more popular roles.

This year is no exception. The last time she was in the race for the statue was for her role in Finding Neverland. And I’ll bet my secret Cayman Islands account that if Hillary Swank didn’t do Million Dollar Baby that year, Winslet would have won.

Only one American was nominated for Best Actress and it was Meryl Streep for The Devil Wears Prada. I don’t think even the devil can take away the Oscar from the Queen at this point. And to wrap up this category, Spanish Penelope Cruz for Volver, a film directed by fellow Spanish Pedro Almadovar.

The Best Actor Category has Leonardo DiCaprio snagging a nom for Blood Diamond. But he’s up against brilliant performances by Forest Whitaker, Will Smith, and (Irish actor) Peter O’Toole. Oh and Ryan Gosling got a nod, too, whoever that guy is. Good for him though, now he will have Academy Award Nominee tag attached to his name.

The Best Picture category shut out heavy favorite Dreamgirls. Because c’mon, we’ve already seen Ray. The mulit-lingual Babel, directed by Mexican Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, is the heavy favorite after pocketing the Globes earlier this month. The Japanese language Letters From Iwo Jima by Clint Eastwood, TV movie The Queen, indie darling Little Miss Sunshine, and The Departed round up the nominees.

Looking at the five movies, you really can’t tell which way the Oscar voters will go. We only hope the Martin Scorsese will finally get an Oscar this time ’round.

That may appear in a ‘just-give-it-the-guy’ sentimental kind of way, but it’s been a long time comin’.

Oddjack Cultural Oddsmaker says:

Best Picture:
OJ choice – Babel
Probable winner – Babel

Best Actor:
OJ Choice – Leonardo DiCaprio
Probable winner – Forest Whitaker

Best Actress:
OJ choice – Kate Winslet
Probable winner – Hellen Mirren

Best Director:
OJ choice – Martin Scorsese
Probable winner – Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

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