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How Bad will the Heat SUCK in Miami this NBA Season?

seth-edward-oneal.jpgAnd as much as Pat Riley probably will hope I’m referring to the weather there when he reads this, I’m not.

The Miami Heat SUCK. Plain and simple. They suck last year when they were eliminated from the playoffs in the first goddamn round. And in this 2007-08 NBA basketball season, guess what, they’ll probably suck even worse.

In what should’ve been a tune-up for NBA teams, the NBA preseason sure was ice cold to the Heat (pardon the pun…) as they went on, running aimlessly on the court to put up, get this, NO WINS WHATSOEVER. Hee hee…

Yes, the Miami Heat just kept on losing in preparation for the NBA season and although the preseason has no indication whatsoever on how the team will do when the regular season officially starts, it does give you a clear idea what to expect.

Miami Heat head coach Pat Riley, (yes, the sick fuck decided to coach yet again…) don’t have any answers whatsoever of what’s wrong with his team. In one preseason loss, Riley said he was looking for the right combination on the court and he found none.

”I’m still trying to find something I can go with,” Pat Riley said before the Heat’s 104-98 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies at FedEx Forum, one of many preseason losses Miami had coming to the regular season.

”You tune up when you’ve got all your pistons and sparkplugs in there. We don’t.”

Oh yeah, the Miami Heat sure has a lot of ”missing sparkplugs” alright. For starters, they lost all their centers to injuries. That’s starter Shaquille O’Neal who is out with injured quadriceps, backup Alonzo Mourning out with a foot injury and third-string center Michael Doleac, who’ll probably not be playing even if he’s as healthy as a horse, is out with a hip injury.

Wayne Simien is also out with a knee injury and perhaps the most significant of all, Dwyane Wade is still trying to reattach his shoulder after my boy, Shane Battier, knocked it loose in Houston last season.

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2007-08 NBA basketball season Miami Heat

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6 Responses to “How Bad will the Heat SUCK in Miami this NBA Season?”

  • Santosh Says:

    e Miami Heat lost 4 in a row- they should have lost more. The Heat, Pat Riley and Shaq deserve this. We all know that the championship they won 2 years ago against Dallas was tainted, phantom fouls. We all know that south beach has more attraction and is more marketable and more $$ if the trophy went there. Last year the Heat got their (butt) handed to them by the baby Bulls. Wade is really good and talented but until and unless he stops driving in like a crazy maniac looking for those phantom fouls, he is only asking for more abuse to his already battered body and looking to further injure his body.

    Bringing in “Slick” Ricky Davis and a rusty old Penny is not going to take them over the edge. Last time I checked the draft class of the early 1990’s isn’t aging to well. Shaq can whine and demand and point all he wants, he needs to realize that without a TRUE dominant guard (KOBE) he is not going to go back to that elite level again. They got rid of Jason Kapono- HUGE mistake. They have no other shooter. Wade is just another flashy BALL HOG. Kobe has recorded more assists to Shaq than any other guard that Shaq has played with. He used to facilitate the ball to Shaq, find a way to get it to him, and that’s why even being way over weight with his days with the Lakers, Shaq was unstoppable because Kobe took the pressure off and somehow scored and got him the ball. You think Rick Fox, Big shit Rob and D-fish and Shaq can create on their own? It was all Kobe. Respect the talent. Heat are an atrocity, Shaq is way over paid, $20mil/season for what? For taking his annual 30-40 games because he gets injured EVERY SEASON? His big toe hurts? His thigh is bruised? His fingernails hurt? He is out of shape, never had been in shape, 13 years in the league and STILL can not learn how to shoot a damn free throw, is not a shot blocker but yet he is a double double threat every night, ONLY if he gets the ball at the right time. Give him the ball now on every possession and lets see what he does. Shaq needs to give that money back to the heat because just move on. Pat Riley drove away Stan Van Gundy, and that was wrong. Basically he knew that this is going be a special season and he wanted to come in, take credit for the ring. Van Gundy did not have any problems, he was booted out by Pat and Shaq. You think Kobe was the problem?… it was all Shaq. His ego, he is selfish and he could not share the spotlight because Kobe was on his way to be the 1 of the best ever to play the game, and being the best ever in the league to play the game. Never has Kobe had this bad of a season. and Shaq was Wade. Face it, the Heat suck. I hope they don’t make it to the playoffs, I hope Shaq and Wade don’t get along and Wade opts out and leave the fat tub of lard by himself with “white chocolate” and win about 8 games all season.

  • Jason Says:

    THE HEAT- 4-13 are a JOKE!!.. 1 of the worst teams in the league .. lol… can they atleast beat the jail Blazers? Does Pat realize that bring in Slick Ricky DaWis and that old rusted Penny is not gonna give them that xtra edge, and can they STOP call Jason William, “white chocolate” everytime he touches the ball?? Alonzo need to realize that he is good at 1 thing.. Blocking shots and THAT’S IT!!… he plays more minutes than Shaq, grabs more boards and scores more. Every time I flipped the channel I saw Shaq on the bench just chillen. D-wade does his little razzle dazzle, zig zag move and jumps really high.. throws the ball up, no FOUL CALL and falls flat on the wood, waiting to injure his shoulder AGAIN!! Their go to guy is UDINOS HASLEM… May be if the heat bring back Anthony Mason, G-Paton, Mashburn , T-Hardway might they win 20 games. Can someone please teach that OVER-GROWN gorilla in the middle to shoot FTs and how to play decent defense?? CAn Shaq stop taking his usual mid season vacations? Can Pat Riley stop trying to save Shaq for the playoff, because that is the most rediculous thing I have heard. D-Wade messed up by signing that 3 year contract. He would have been better off going elsewhere. I guess he deserves it too thinking he is better than Kobe.. always hating on Kobe because he knows he can only admire those type of skills never develop them.
    HeaT SUCK

  • J.J. Jack Says:

    He he… I couldn’t agree more guys. He he… Seth really hit it off well with you on this one huh? And Jason, ”that gorilla in the middle” is the best thing I’ve heard somebody used to describe Shaq… He he…

    Continue fucking with those sick, good for nothing, retarded fucks from Miami people, you know it’s a revolution now. Ha ha!

  • J-Smooth Says:

    If you look at the record of the Miami Heat Record 13-59 and to say they suck. That’s an understatement. There ” Horribly Pathetic”. with many key players out like Dwayne Wade for the season, They will not even hit 20 wins…. WOW 2006 Champions, eh? Not any more… I think the Miami Heat will come back strong next season with Marion, Wade, and Dorell Wright back in the lineup.

    Freedom Blogger
    3/29/08 1:00 A.M.
    To contact J-Smooth Call 1-800-FantasyJS

  • go heat Says:

    the heat do not suck, and anyone who thinks they do is an idiot. watch them win, losers

  • Sam Haley Says:

    I don’t agree with you go heat. I believe that Miami will demonstrate the best its game very soon.

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