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Canadian player Muckducks beats Sticky Seat to win Event 1 of Full Tilt Online Poker Series

Muckducks. Not a very intimidating handle inside an online poker room eh?

Tell that to the players who lost to him at Event no.1 of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series. Full Tilt’s Online Poker Series always brings in thousands of players eager to take home a chunk of the guaranteed prize money. Event no.1 with a $200 + $16 buy-in was no exception as the $1 Million guaranteed prize pool attracted 6,275 players. 738 players ended up in the money in the tournament where the prize pool escalated to $1.255 million.

Emerging at the top of a fiercely contested battle was Canadian player ”muckducks” who walked away with $216,512.60 after beating a relentless American who goes by the name ”sticky seat.”

Full Tilt PokerThe chip lead was lost and regained by muckducks several times in heads up play. Luckily for muckducks, it just wasn’t sticky seat’s day as the American ended up losing two crucial hands during heads-up play.

In one of the hands, muckducks was all-in with pocket 7s and was called by sticky seat holding pocket queens. Unfortuntely for sticky seat, a 7 hit the river giving him a terrible beat and muckducks a huge chip lead.

During the last hand, sticky seat raised pre-flop and was re-raised by muckducks who pushed All-In. Sticky seat called and was ahead with his As-Kc versus muckducks’ Jd-Td. Unfortunately for sticky seat, it was muckducks’ day when the flop hit 8d-9c-Qc, giving muckducks the nut straight.

For his gallant effort, sticky seat won $137,147 for his second place finish.

FTOP Event no.1 was hosted by none-other than Howard Lederer who made it in the money himself in 697th place. Other notables who made it ITM are Brandon Adams (229th) and Lee Watkinson who finished in 211th place. John ”JNewcombe” also made a spectacular finish by reaching third place for a $84,336 payday.

FTOPS I made its debut in August 2006 with just eight events and a combined prize pool of just over $1 million. FTOPS XI has a total of 25 events and over $15 million in guaranteed prize money. With such an impressive turn-out for the first event, FTOPS XI is turning out to be a great success.

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