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Steve ”Zugwat” Silverman wins the 2009 FTOPS Event no.12 that gave players a ”Second Chance”

A second chance?

Whatever that may be, Steve ”Zugwat” Silverman took advantage of it, winning the 2009 FTOPS ”Second Chance” Event no.12. It was the highly anticipated $1,000+$60 NLHE ”Second Chance” tournament and the guarantee was a seemingly high $1,500,000.

But with 1,630 players entering the event and 972 availing of rebuys, the prize pool reached a staggering $1,630,000. In the end, it was Steve ”Zugwat” Silverman who took home the $350,350 for first place.

Chris ”The Universe112” Leveroni is Kevin Federlinehaving a great run at FTOPS XI and this event was no exception. After winning Event no.7, he enters the final table of Event no.12 with the chip lead holding on to 3,419,801. Mike ”SowersUNCC” Sowers wasn’t too far behind with 2,033,579. Eventual winner Silverman was in fifth place going into the final table with a respectable 1,410,969 in chips.

JohnnyM77 had the least amount of chips with 242,096 and he never fully recovered as he ended up busting out on the very first hand. JohnnyM77 pushed all-in with Ad-Qc and was called by Andrew ”Adgee” Jeffreys who was holding pocket Kings. Randomizer2 was the next person to go when his top pair at the flop (Ac-8c) on a board of 3s-8d-7h proved to be no match against Leveroni’s pocket Queens.

Adgee busted out in sixth place for $70,090 after he was re-raised all in by Sowers Although Adgee was ahead with As-Jd against Sowers’ Ks-Qc, Sowers ended up hitting a straight. Fourth place and $97,800 went to Tzahi ”tzahi2008” Dagan who ended up suffering a bad beat. Dagan was holding pocket Aces against Silverman’s pocket Kings. Unfortunately for Dagan, Silverman hit trips on the flop.

Chris ”The Universe112” Leveroni was eliminated in third place by Sowers who had two pair against his open-ended straight draw. Leveroni was forced to settle for $130,400 for his fourth place finish. Pwnosaurus was forced to go all in from the small blind with 8s-6s and was eliminated next. Sowers called his all-in with Ac-3h and proceeded to hit top pair on the flop.

Entering heads-up play, Sowers had almost double Silverman’s chips. But Silverman persevered. In the last hand, Sowers was slightly trailing when both players went all-in pre-flop. Sowers had Ah-Jh versus Silverman’s pocket 4s. Flop was 9c-Kd-Kc. The 8d gave Sowers more outs but in the end, he had to settle for 2nd place when the river hit a 7d. Sowers won $221,680 for his bridesmaid finish.

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