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TOPTEN becomes one of Full Tilt’s Top Online Poker players after topping FTOPS XI Event (on top…)

And on TOP of it all…

Sorry, force of habit. Anyway, the Full Tilt Online Poker Series XI is in full swing, drawing in thousands of players including poker professionals and casual online players. Event no.5, $200+$16 Limit Hold’em 6-max, was no exception as a total of 1,603 players came to play. After the dust cleared, TOPTEN came out on top to take the $44,327.10 first prize money.

TOPTEN was nowhere near the chip lead at the start of the final table with only 301,235 in chips. It was tom10167 on top with 1,624,496. Killinda_sts was close behind with 1,432,881. Bringing up the rear was Michael ”benvo123” Benvenuti with 147,152 in chips.

It was Benvenuti who made an early Online Pokerexit after he was eliminated by killinda_sts. He took home a respectable $7,228.40 for his sixth place finish. After suffering numerous bad beats, it was pool_shark_10′s turn to go as he finished in fifth place for $11,267.80.

Fourth place went to Scott ”TheMrC” Castelluccio courtesy of killinda_sts when Castelluccio’s A-4 proved to be no match to killinda’s A-7 when killinda_sts hit a 7 on the river. Castelluccio won $15,732.40. Unfortunately for killinda, luck would turn against him. He busted out next courtesy of tom10167. Still, it was a very respectable finished as he ended up winning $21,047.40 for third place.

Heads-up saw tom10167 ahead with 2,625,765 in chips versus TOPTEN’s 1,626,235. The chip lead shifted several times but in the end, it was TOPTEN who persevered at the 60,000/120,000 level.

In the last hand, tom10167 had less than the big blind after being hit severely by TOPTEN’s two-pair in a previous hand. Unfortunately for tom10167, he found himself holding 7c-2c and he was forced to go all in. TOPTEN only had 10h-8h but it was all he needed when the board hit 10c-Js-6h-jh-6d. Tom10167 won $29,551.40 for second place. TOPTEN took home $44,327 and a custom FTOPS avatar for bragging rights.

Other notable finishes include Keven ”Stamdogg” Stammen who won $4,464.60 for eight place, Peter ”breeth” Turmezey who won $1,148.04 for 24th and Kyle ”kwon20” Bowker who won $956.70 for coming in 28th.

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