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Why would the Boston Celtics want to keep a Big Baby when they already have a Rasheed Wallace?

I absolutely have no idea.

After missing out on the world championship, falling out of the race as early as the second round of the playoffs, the Boston Celtics are reloading coming to the 2009 NBA basketball season, signing free agent Rasheed Wallace to improve their frontline.

Aside from signing Rasheed Wallace, the Celtics have also signed Shelden Williams, making it two solid former North Carolina forwards that should be a force to be reckoned with inside the paint.

With these acquisitions, why would the Boston Celtics still need a 6-9, overweight monstrosity like Glen ”Big Baby” Davis? We all know he won’t be starting ahead of Kevin Garnett anyway and with ‘Sheed here, that’ll cut his minutes down further.

glen_davisSTILL, the Celtics figured Glen Davis was still a necessity, re-signing the power forward to a new deal. It’s reportedly for two years worth $6.3 million, with $3 million due next season.

Go figure.

Many believe that Davis’ value doubled after he performed admirably in the playoffs, filling in for the injured Kevin Garnett. Unfortunately, with Garnett expected to be fully healthy and free agent Rasheed Wallace added to the frontcourt, Davis will return to a reserve role.

He knows it too.

”I feel like my role hasn’t changed a lot,” Davis said. ”I feel like I just have to be ready to go out there and play. If my role is to do whatever I have to do, I’m going to do it. That’s the kind of attitude you have to have in order to be on a team like this.”

”Just to be in here and be amongst all these great players and be around that winning feeling, you gotta love it. I’m just glad everything is done and we’re finished and we can keep concentrating on winning basketball games.”

Maybe they just want him around for laughs? After all, he is the only guy on that Celtics roster who’ll shove a kid down on the floor.

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