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Packers visit the Bears on NFL Monday Night Football

It’s a good ol’ fashioned NFC North rivalry game on Monday night.

The Green Bay Packers face their bitter rivals, the Chicago Bears, at Soldier’s Field Monday night to conclude Week 2 of the 2010 NFL football season.

The NFC North battle could be huge for both the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. With both teams entering this tilt at 2-0, the issue will be the defense and the play of the quarterbacks in this critical game.

Jay Cutler has had two big games so far this season and his win over the Dallas Cowboys was huge. Aaron Rodgers on the other hand was limited to only 188 yards against a solid Philadelphia Eagles defense but lucky enough to win the game before dismantling the Buffalo Bills the week after.

As far as both teams’ defense is concerned, the Green Bay Packers defense does not get much attention but they are a solid unit. Clay Mathews is comparable to Brian Urlacher in the middle and Charles Woodson is one of the best pass defenders in the NFL when healthy. If there is a weakness on the Packers defense it would have to be the defensive line. Although it is still a solid front four they are still going through some growing pains and miss Johnny Jolley on the line. He is suspended indefinitely pending a drug trial.

Led by their heart and soul, linebacker Brian Urlacher, the Chicago Bears defense has returned to the cohesive unit that dominated the NFC North two years ago. With Urlacher back, linebacker Lance Briggs has returned to his level of production of a few years back. The Bears are a hard hitting defense and playing at home could add some extra juice to this NFC North rivalry game. Defensive edge goes to the Chicago Bears over the Green Bay Packers.

Jay Cutler is still a gunslinger but he has come up huge in the first two games. Cutler has an array of average receivers at his disposal including tight end in Greg Olsen. Cutler’s best weapon in the new Mike Martz offense is Matt Forte. Forte will be a huge factor in this game and will be used to keep the Green Bay Packers from shading and double teaming the receivers.

Aaron Rodgers is the hands down best quarterback in the NFL at this moment. He has a tremendous upside and is the most accurate passer in the NFL. Rodgers has some of the best weapons in football to choose from but his number one back, Ryan Grant has been lost for the season.

Rodgers favorite target is number one receiver Greg Jennings deep and over the middle, he can choose from the big hands of Jermichael Finley or the trustworthy Donald Driver. The passing attack edge goes to the Green Bay Packers but they will need to get the run established with Brandon Jackson.

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