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Yankees visit the Red Sox at Fenway Park. Can Jorge Posada and A.J. Burnett co-exist? We’ll find out soon.

That will be the dilemma the Yankees will find themselves into come game time.

Oh yes, the 2010 MLB baseball season is already underway and on Tuesday night, the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox will renew their heated rivalry at Fenway Park. However, the Yankees will probably have other issues to settle within their camp first because for the first time since Posada and Burnett argued on the very same field at Fenway Park, the Yankees are pairing them up again.

You read it, there’s some sort of dissension going on for quite a while within the New York Yankees roster. Although the Yankees have denied it, it’s obvious that Yankees catcher Jorge Posada and Yankees pitcher A.J. Burnett won’t be exchanging Christmas cards on December.

The last time Jorge Posada were catching A.J. Burnett’s balls (jeez… that didn’t sound right did it?..) they were pounded by the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park, 14-1. The loss was so disappointing that Posada and Burnett ended up arguing over what pitches to call right then and there on the mound at Fenway.

After almost a year, Jorge Posada and A.J. Burnett will find themselves across each other again as Yankees team manager Joe Girardi has paired them up for another shot at their rivals from Boston. And for those people who still believe not everything is fine and dandy between Posada and Burnett, the former says he’s excited to catch Burnett’s balls again.

”It’s perfect. Let’s get it out of the way right away,” Jorge Posada said on him and Burnett pairing up once again on Tuesday night against the Boston Red Sox.

Burnett on the other hand believes his relationship with Posada has been improving after the two got five starts together in spring training where he went 2-1 with a 5.12 ERA, significantly better than the pathetic 0-4 stand Burnett went through last season, going 6.03 in six starts.

”It’s helped big time, especially the past couple of starts of the spring, when he’s caught,” A.J. Burnett said. ”I’ve noticed he’s been a lot more confident back there, and that makes me comfortable.”

Burnett now has the opportunity to redeem himself against the Red Sox who beat them last Sunday, 9-7, in the first of this season-opening three-game set.

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