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2012 London Olympic Games rages on


Yeah, the time of the year when best of the world come together.

That’s right sports fans, the sporting world is on a standstill as the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, officially dubbed as the Games of the XXX Olympiad, take over London with over 200 nations competing with the best in the world at the Olympic Stadium in Olympic Park, London, England.

Featuring 26 sports and 39 sport disciplines, you are in for a treat as the world’s finest in each of the sport showcased in the foremost international sports tournament in the planet are expected to give it their all as they look to give their respective home nations the recognition and admiration each competing athlete would love to win on the international stage of the Olympic Games.

It doesn’t get any bigger than the Olympic Games people and it’s not recognized around the world as the foremost sports competition in the planet for nothing.

Held every two years, the bi-annual sporting spectacle features nearly every nation as each of the competing athletes look forward to playing for their respective countries in the international tournament. More than 13,000 athletes always come out to compete for their respective flags and nothing beats winning that gold for your country.

And as always, all the heavy hitters of the bi-annual tournament will be in London for the 2012 London Olympic Games, the heavy favourites to win in nearly every event offered this year at the Games of the XXX Olympiad. And if this is the first time you’ve heard about the Olympic Games, where the heck have you been? Don’t worry, you’ll get a quick overview of what’s to come in London.

As far as the heavy favourites in the 2012 London Olympic Games goes, perhaps none is expected to do damage more than the USA.

Team USA promises to be the most well-prepared team out there in London. They don’t know how many gold medals they can win but as far as USOC (United States Olympics Committee) Chief of Sport Performance Alan Ashley is concerned, USA will be up there with the best of them.

I can’t tell you where the number is going to end up,” USOC Chief of Sport Performance Alan Ashley said. ”We’re going into this to be the best-prepared team we possibly can be. We want to go in and win the medal count, that’s our objective.”

”What the number is, I honestly can’t tell you.”

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