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2012 Olympic Team can kick ’92 Dream Team’s Asses

And that folks is according to Kobe Bryant.

Could the current U.S. men’s Olympic basketball team heading to the 2012 London Olympic Games beat the 1992 Dream Team? It’s the inevitable question every Olympics.

Team chairman Jerry Colangelo already gave a thought to it when he said there was a “fair comparison” between both squads. But that doesn’t answer the question: Can this current group of guys heading to London score more points than arguably the greatest team ever assembled in a hypothetical, organized game of basketball?

Naturally, Kobe Bryant thinks it can.

“It’d be a tough one, but I think we’d pull it out,” the Team USA guard told reporters during practice on Monday.

Kobe conceded that the Michael Jordan-led Dream Team, which was comprised of NBA legends and Christian Laettner, would have the size advantage.

But where the 2012 squad lacks in size, it makes up with athleticism. And lots of it. Even though the current team is missing some of its best players due to injury, it’s still expected to dominate the Olympic competition because of its unmatched versatility and athleticism.

And isn’t the argument when comparing teams from different eras that teams from today have an advantage because they’re vastly more athletic? Kobe also pointed out that Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were at the end of their careers in 1992.

But even if they were, I won’t take them over guys like Kevin Durant and LeBron James who can simply run circles around them guys. Sure, Jordan was great in his time but come on now, basketball today is just that different.

And I’m sure LeBron James will agree.

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