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Which team will win the most medals in the Olympics?

They sure love their bling.

The entire sporting world is on a standstill as the premier sporting event in the planet showcases the finest of the finest in the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium in Olympic Park, London.

Officially tagged as the Games of the XXX Olympiad, the bi-annual sports tournament this year features the heavy hitters once again from different parts of the world as each of the competing nations look to bring their respective home countries immortality in the sporting arena and further add to their count of medals won from the Olympic Games.

And as far as the most medals won in the Olympics Games, it is not a surprise that Team USA trumps all the other competing countries, which is why the Americans are once again heavily favoured to win the most medals this year in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.

The United States have won a total of 2,549 medals in the Olympic Games. Quite a staggering mark eh? 2,296 of those medals came from the Summer Olympic Games, with the tournament alternating from the Summer Olympics to the Winter Games every two years.

Yeah, the Americans sure have been awesome in the Olympic Games. How awesome? The United States have won more medals, not to mention more gold ones with 1016 gold medals overall, than any other country in the Summer Olympic Games and in the Olympic Games in general.

Dominating sports like swimming, tennis, golf, boxing, and of course basketball, just to name a few, the Americans head into the 2012 London Olympic Games looking to further add to their lead of medals won from the rest of the nations that continue to compete in the foremost bi-annual sporting event in the world.

Can the U.S. Olympic Basketball Team win the men’s basketball tournament in the 2012 London Olympic Games? Bodog sportsbook has the odds.

USA 1.12

Spain 7.50

Argentina 29.00

France 29.00

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