🌐 Wikipedia for Web APIs. Directory of REST API specs in OpenAPI(fka Swagger) 2.0 format.
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Directory of API definitions in OpenAPI(aka Swagger) 2.0 format.
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Our goal is to create a machine-readable Wikipedia for REST APIs with the following principals:

  • Open source, community driven project.
  • Only publicly available APIs (free or paid).
  • Anyone can add or change an API, not only API owners.
  • All data can be accessed through a REST API.

If you want to reference this project and you need an icon or even a banner, check our branding guide.

Although the project is still under the auspices of APIs.guru, it is now maintained by Mike Ralphson of Mermade Software. Check out our other OpenAPI-related projects.

APIs.guru provide services and consultancy around GraphQL, OpenAPI/Swagger spec and APIs in general. You can contact us at founders@apis.guru.

What does APIs.guru do?

  • Filter out private and non-reliable APIs.
  • Convert different formats into OpenAPI(fka Swagger) 2.0
  • Fix mistakes, ~80% of definitions have some
  • Add additional data, like: logo, categories, …
  • Update definitions on at least a weekly basis

Update procedure

All definitions are automatically updated from their original source. You can see it under x-origin property inside each of swagger.yaml files. We run our update script at least weekly and manually check diffs before commit. If you see some APIs are not updated for more than 2 weeks please open an issue.

Existing integrations

Also used as test suite in following projects:

  • swagger-parser - Swagger 2.0 parser and validator for Node and browsers
  • SwaggerProvider - F# Type Provider for Swagger
  • ReDoc - Swagger-generated API Reference Documentation
  • ardoq-swagger-addon - Ardoq Open API (Swagger) Addon
  • swagvali - Module to build validators for Swagger(OpenApi) Request parameters and Response objects
  • swagger-search - An application that collects and indexes swagger docs from your microservices architecture

API definition acceptance criteria

  • Public - anyone can access it as long as they follow some clearly defined steps (email owner, pay money, etc.).
  • Persistant - API is made with long-lived goal, and not for a particular event (conference, hackathon, etc.).
  • Useful - API should provide useful functionality not only for its owner.

Integration with 3rd-party services

We discourage you from using Github RAW links or Git directly, repository structure isn't stable and could be changed in future. Instead, we strongly recomend you to use our REST API.


All code is released under the MIT licence.
All API definitions contributed to project by authors are covered by the CC01.0 license.
All API definitions acquired from public sources under the Fair use principal.

Definition sources

Some definitions are taken from Open Source projects: