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AllThingsSmitty committed Mar 12, 2018
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@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ Please ensure your pull request adheres to the following guidelines:
* Use the following format: <pre>`[**Talk Title**](link): Presenter, Event` &#96;Duration&#96;</pre>
- For multiple presenters use a serial comma as appropriate, e.g., Marcia, Jan, and Cindy.
- Don't use an ampersand with the serial comma, e.g., Greg, Peter, & Bobby.
- If the presentation is a screencast use `(screencast)` in lieu of `Event`.
- If the presentation is a screencast or playlist use `(screencast)` or `(playlist)` in lieu of `Event`.
- The duration should be surrounded by backticks (&#96;), e.g., &#96;28:30&#96;.
* Use the correct title of the presentation (don't rely on the title uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, et al.).
* Use [title-casing](

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