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A useful list of must-watch talks about JavaScript
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Must-Watch JavaScript

This is a collection of well-received talks about JavaScript, covering topics such as ES6, JavaScript frameworks, client-side apps, mobile integration, JavaScript performance, tooling, leveling up, and more.

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  1. In the Loop: Jake Archibald, JSConf.Asia 35:11
  2. 10 Things I Regret About Node.js: Ryan Dahl, JSConf.EU 26:41
  3. Deep Learning in JS: Ashi Krishnan, JSConf.EU 31:30


  1. Immutable Data Structures for Functional JS: Anjana Vakil, JSConf.EU 26:32
  2. JavaScript Engines - How Do They Even?: Franziska Hinkelmann, JSConf.EU 25:13
  3. Async + Await: Wes Bos, dotJS 15:51
  4. Advanced Async and Concurrency Patterns in JavaScript: Kyle Simpson, Meetup 39:42
  5. The Browser Hackers Guide to Instantly Loading Everything: Addy Osmani, JSConf.EU 28:09


  1. The Rise of Async JavaScript: Jeremy Fairbank, FluentConf 28:58
  2. Reasonable JavaScript: Preethi Kasireddy, Nodevember 50:12
  3. Learning Functional Programming with JavaScript: Anjana Vakil, JSUnconf 29:56
  4. Choosing a JavaScript Framework: Rob Eisenberg, NDC Oslo 1:01:13
  5. The Myth of The "Real JavaScript Developer": Brenna O'Brien, Front-Trends 27:05
  6. An Angular 2 Force Awakens: John Papa, ng-conf 20:39
  7. React.js for TV UIs: Steve McGuire, Netflix JavaScript Talks 35:02
  8. The Hitchhiker's Guide to All Things Memory in JavaScript: Safia Abdalla, JSConf Budapest 26:16
  9. SVG and GreenSock for Complex Animation: Sarah Drasner, ForwardJS Summit 40:16


  1. JavaScript in 2015: Glen Maddern, (screencast) 10:32
  2. Angular + React = Speed: Dave Smith, ng-conf 19:26
  3. Parallelism Experiments in JavaScript: Naveed Ihsanullah, JSConf.US 32:39
  4. Eliminate JavaScript Code Smells: Elijah Manor, FluentConf 29:15
  5. Pocket-Sized JS: Henrik Joreteg, dotJS 18:44
  6. What the... JavaScript?: Kyle Simpson, ForwardJS 38:16
  7. Real World jQuery: Ben Foxall, jQuery UK 26:45
  8. JavaScript State of the Union: Geoff Schmidt, Meteor Devshop SF 48:47
  9. Dirty Performance Secrets of HTML5: Andreas Gal, FluentConf 14:15
  10. You Should Use <Insert Library/Framework>, It's the Bestestest!: Paul Lewis, ffconf 33:31
  11. Async Programming in ES7: Jafar Husain, JSConf.US 35:56
  12. Live React: Hot Reloading with Time Travel: Dan Abramov, ReactEurope 30:40
  13. JavaScript Transformation: Sebastian McKenzie, JSConf.US 20:23
  14. Node.js at Netflix: Kim Trott, Node.js Interactive 25:17
  15. If You Wish to Learn ES6/2015 From Scratch, You Must First Invent the Universe: Ashley Williams, JSConf.US 25:48


  1. Enemy of the State: Amy Palamountain,Forward JS 32:40
  2. Mary Live-Codes a JavaScript Game from Scratch: Mary Rose Cook, Front-Trends 32:16
  3. Unorthodox Performance: John-David Dalton, ForwardJS 43:39
  4. What the Heck Is the Event Loop Anyway?: Philip Roberts, JSConf.EU 26:53
  5. Building Isomorphic Apps: Spike Brehm, JSConf.Asia 45:01
  6. JavaScript for Everybody: Marcy Sutton, JSConf.EU 28:59
  7. JavaScript ♥ Unicode: Mathias Bynens, JSConf.EU 25:41
  8. Using AngularJS to Create iPhone & Android Applications with PhoneGap: Daniel Zen, ng-conf 21:34
  9. Virtual Machines, JavaScript and Assembler: Scott Hanselman, FluentConf 25:56
  10. User Interface Algorithms: Mark DiMarco, JSConf.US 27:41
  11. End to End Angular Testing with Protractor: Julie Ralph, ng-conf 18:46
  12. Async JavaScript at Netflix: Jafar Husain, Netflix JavaScript Talks 28:38
  13. Building Realtime Apps with Firebase and Angular: Anant Narayanan, ng-conf 21:08


  1. A JavaScript Web App Deconstructed: Alex MacCaw, JSConf.Asia 36:24
  2. JavaScript in Your Native Mobile Apps: Allen Pike, JSConf.EU 25:47
  3. JavaScript Masterclass: Angelina Fabbro, JSConf.US 22:33
  4. A Comparison of the Two-Way Binding in AngularJS, EmberJS and KnockoutJS: Marius Gundersen, JSConf.EU 19:16
  5. Hacker Way: Rethinking Web App Development at Facebook: Tom Occhino, Jing Chen, and Pete Hunt, F8 44:35
  6. Promises and Generators: Control Flow Utopia: Forbes Lindesay, JSConf.EU 31:26
  7. How to Rewrite Your JS App (at Least) 10 Times: Garann Means, Fronteers 47:45
  8. Front-End Development in Node.js: Raquel Vélez, jQuery Conference Portland 34:01
  9. Front-End Tools for the Young Developer: Christian Vuerings, SF HTML5 User Group 14:16
  10. Rethinking Best Practices: Pete Hunt, JSConf.Asia 40:57
  11. Righteous Javascript, Dude!: Zach Bruggerman, Cascadia JS 18:15
  12. Transitioning Groupon to NodeJS: Sean McCullough, EmpireJS 28:23
  13. Building Modular Web Applications: How To Build a Good Component: Angelina Fabbro, jQuery Conference Portland 35:02
  14. Making JS More Learnable: Pamela Fox, dotJS 28:46
  15. The Web Experience in the Autistic Spectrum: Natalia Berdys, JSConf.EU 30:37
  16. Return of Inspector Web: Web Components a Year Later: Angelina Fabbro, Fronteers 49:44
  17. Develop High Performance Sites and Apps with JavaScript and HTML5: Dr. Doris Chen, HTML5DevConf Meetup 1:01:39
  18. Building Reflow: Kristofer Joseph, BackboneConf 45:41
  19. Levelling Up in AngularJS: Alicia Liu, HTML5DevConf 40:31


  1. | A Novel, Efficient Approach to JavaScript Loading: Malte Ubl and John Hjelmstad, JSConf.EU 26:36
  2. To Hell with jQuery: Karolina Szczur, JSConf.EU 20:00
  3. Is Node.js Better?: Brian Ford, JSConf.US 41:42
  4. Inspector Web and the Mystery of the Shadow DOM: Angelina Fabbro, JSConfEU 28:42
  5. Maintainable JavaScript: Nicholas Zakas, FluentConf 47:04
  6. Client Side Internationalization: Alex Sexton, JSConf.EU 24:08
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