Azure Container Service Engine - provision and deploy container orchestrators on Azure: Kubernetes, DC/OS, and Docker Swarm.
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Microsoft Azure Container Service Engine - Builds Docker Enabled Clusters

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The Azure Container Service Engine (acs-engine) generates ARM (Azure Resource Manager) templates for Docker enabled clusters on Microsoft Azure with your choice of DC/OS, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Swarm Mode, or Swarm orchestrators. The input to the tool is a cluster definition. The cluster definition (or apimodel) is very similar to (in many cases the same as) the ARM template syntax used to deploy a Microsoft Azure Container Service cluster.

The cluster definition file enables you to customize your Docker enabled cluster in many ways including:

  • Choice of DC/OS, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Swarm Mode, or Swarm orchestrators
  • Multiple agent pools where each agent pool can specify:
    • Standard or premium VM Sizes, including GPU optimized VM sizes
    • Node count
    • Virtual Machine ScaleSets or Availability Sets
    • Storage Account Disks or Managed Disks
    • OS and distro
  • Custom VNET
  • Extensions

More info, including a thorough walkthrough is here.

User guides

These guides show how to create your first deployment for each orchestrator:

These guides cover more advanced features to try out after you have built your first cluster:


Follow the developers guide to set up your environment.

To build acs-engine, run make build. If you are developing with a working Docker environment, you can also run make dev (or makedev.ps1 on Windows) first to start a Docker container and run make build inside the container.

Please follow these instructions before submitting a PR:

  1. Execute make test to run unit tests.
  2. Manually test deployments if you are making modifications to the templates.
    • For example, if you have to change the expected resulting templates then you should deploy the relevant example cluster definitions to ensure that you are not introducing any regressions.
  3. Make sure that your changes are properly documented and include relevant unit tests.


Generate Templates

Usage is best demonstrated with an example:

$ vim examples/kubernetes.json

# insert your preferred, unique DNS prefix
# insert your SSH public key

$ ./acs-engine generate examples/kubernetes.json

This produces a new directory inside _output/ that contains an ARM template for deploying Kubernetes into Azure. (In the case of Kubernetes, some additional needed assets are generated and placed in the output directory.)

Code of conduct

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.