Microsoft Azure SDK for Python
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azure-cognitiveservices-vision-computervision Fix Namespace package for testing Nov 16, 2017
azure-cognitiveservices-vision-contentmoderator Content Moderator initial client Nov 21, 2017
azure-cognitiveservices-vision-face Fix Namespace package for testing Nov 16, 2017
azure-cognitiveservices-vision-nspkg Add CS nspkg Nov 16, 2017
azure-common azure-common 1.1.8 Jul 28, 2017
azure-graphrbac azure-graphrbac 0.33.0 Nov 1, 2017
azure-keyvault Fixing check for KeyVaultAuthentication objects in CustomKeyVaultClient Oct 16, 2017
azure-mgmt-advisor azure-mgmt-advisor 0.1.0 Nov 6, 2017
azure-mgmt-authorization Generated from 61ba6b27597e8c64fcf654202b0959ba1c2d6cb6 Oct 17, 2017
azure-mgmt-batch Updated Batch mgmt Nov 13, 2017
azure-mgmt-batchai Fix BatchAI version Oct 6, 2017
azure-mgmt-billing azure-mgmt-billing 0.1.0 May 18, 2017
azure-mgmt-cdn azure-mgmt-cdn 2.0.0 Oct 26, 2017
azure-mgmt-cognitiveservices Fix CognitiveServices ChangeLog 2.0.0 Oct 26, 2017
azure-mgmt-commerce Regenerate Commerce for doc Aug 4, 2017
azure-mgmt-compute MultiApi script now write the final file Nov 17, 2017
azure-mgmt-consumption Fix HISTORY syntax Nov 15, 2017
azure-mgmt-containerinstance azure-mgmt-containerinstance 0.2.0 Oct 23, 2017
azure-mgmt-containerregistry MultiApi script now write the final file Nov 17, 2017
azure-mgmt-containerservice ChangeLog [skip ci] Oct 24, 2017
azure-mgmt-cosmosdb azure-mgmt-cosmosdb 0.2.1 Oct 18, 2017
azure-mgmt-datafactory azure-mgmt-datafactory 0.2.2 Nov 14, 2017
azure-mgmt-datalake-analytics azure-mgmt-datalake-analytics 0.2.0 Aug 17, 2017
azure-mgmt-datalake-nspkg Remove single-version-externally-managed from SDK packages Apr 10, 2017
azure-mgmt-datalake-store azure-mgmt-datalake-store 0.2.0 Aug 17, 2017
azure-mgmt-devtestlabs azure-mgmt-devtestlabs 2.1.0 Oct 25, 2017
azure-mgmt-dns azure-mgmt-dns 1.2.0 Oct 26, 2017
azure-mgmt-documentdb azure-mgmt-documentdb 0.1.3 May 2, 2017
azure-mgmt-eventgrid azure-mgmt-eventgrid 0.3.0 Nov 2, 2017
azure-mgmt-eventhub removed the sleep inserted for testing. Nov 9, 2017
azure-mgmt-iothub azure-mgmt-iothub 0.4.0 Oct 11, 2017
azure-mgmt-keyvault azure-mgmt-keyvault 0.40.0 Jun 6, 2017
azure-mgmt-loganalytics azure-mgmt-loganalytics 0.1.0 Nov 1, 2017
azure-mgmt-logic azure-mgmt-logic 2.1.0 Apr 18, 2017
azure-mgmt-machinelearningcompute Update version and history Oct 25, 2017
azure-mgmt-media azure-mgmt-media 0.2.0 Sep 15, 2017
azure-mgmt-monitor ChangeLog of azure-mgmt-monitor Oct 24, 2017
azure-mgmt-network Back NetworkMgmt to a client file Nov 17, 2017
azure-mgmt-notificationhubs azure-mgmt-notificationhubs 1.0.0 Jun 27, 2017
azure-mgmt-nspkg Remove single-version-externally-managed from SDK packages Apr 10, 2017
azure-mgmt-powerbiembedded azure-mgmt-powerbiembedded 1.0.0 [skip ci] Jun 23, 2017
azure-mgmt-rdbms azure-mgmt-rdbms 0.2.0rc1 Oct 16, 2017
azure-mgmt-recoveryservices Migrate RecoveryServices tests to new framework Oct 27, 2017
azure-mgmt-recoveryservicesbackup azure-mgmt-recoveryservicesbackup 0.1.1 Aug 9, 2017
azure-mgmt-redis azure-mgmt-redis 4.1.1 Oct 25, 2017
azure-mgmt-relay Azure Relay Nov 3, 2017
azure-mgmt-reservations azure-mgmt-reservations 0.1.0 Nov 3, 2017
azure-mgmt-resource MultiApi script now write the final file Nov 17, 2017
azure-mgmt-scheduler azure-mgmt-scheduler 1.1.3 - update package Sep 8, 2017
azure-mgmt-search azure-mgmt-search 1.0.0 [skip ci] Jun 23, 2017
azure-mgmt-servermanager Update version of azure-mgmt-servermanager [skip ci] Jun 23, 2017
azure-mgmt-servicebus updated with raw=true in LRO Nov 1, 2017
azure-mgmt-servicefabric Fix SF HISTORY Aug 24, 2017
azure-mgmt-sql azure-mgmt-sql 0.8.4 Nov 14, 2017
azure-mgmt-storage Update Storage Mgmt doc Nov 17, 2017
azure-mgmt-trafficmanager azure-mgmt-trafficmanager 0.40.0 Jul 3, 2017
azure-mgmt-web azure-mgmt-web 0.34.1 Oct 25, 2017
azure-mgmt Merge pull request #1598 from AutorestCI/RestAPI-PR1923 Nov 13, 2017
azure-nspkg Remove single-version-externally-managed from SDK packages Apr 10, 2017
azure-sdk-testutils Merge pull request #1598 from AutorestCI/RestAPI-PR1923 Nov 13, 2017
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Microsoft Azure SDK for Python

This project provides a set of Python packages that make it easy to access Management (Virtual Machines, ...) or Runtime (ServiceBus using HTTP, Batch, Monitor) components of Microsoft Azure Complete feature list of this repo and where to find Python packages not in this repo can be found on our Azure SDK for Python features chapter on ReadTheDocs.

The SDK supports Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6.

If you're currently using the azure package < 1.0 then please read important information in this issue.


You can install each Azure service's library individually:

$ pip install azure-batch          # Install the latest Batch runtime library
$ pip install azure-mgmt-storage   # Install the latest Storage management library

Preview packages can be installed using the --pre flag:

$ pip install --pre azure-mgmt-compute # will install only the latest Compute Management library

You can also install a set of Azure libraries in a single line using the azure meta-package.

$ pip install azure

We publish a preview version of this package, which you can access using the --pre flag:

$ pip install --pre azure

The full list of available packages and their latest version can be found on our documentation on

If you want to install all packages of the repo from source:

git clone git://
cd azure-sdk-for-python
python install


For detailed documentation, please view our documentation on However, we are migrating content from our documentation on ReadTheDocs and you might still find useful information there.

For further samples please visit the Azure Samples website.


For detailed documentation about our test framework, please visit this Azure SDK test tutorial.

Need Help?

Be sure to check out the Microsoft Azure Developer Forums on Stack Overflow if you have trouble with the provided code. Most questions are tagged azure and python.

Contribute Code or Provide Feedback

If you would like to become an active contributor to this project please follow the instructions provided in Microsoft Azure Projects Contribution Guidelines.

If you encounter any bugs with the library please file an issue in the Issues section of the project.

Code of Conduct

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.

Learn More

Microsoft Azure Python Developer Center