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# Azure Portal Archive
An archive of screenshots of the Microsoft Azure Portal

View Archive: [](
View Archive: [](

This archive was started in March 2018. Before this archive of the Azure Portal UI was created there were about 4 different implementations of the Azure Portal (both HTML5 and Silverlight UI's over time) and the "current" Azure Portal at this time has had many different UI changes over time. This archive is meant to have a place to store a historical record of what the Azure Portal UI was.

If you know of screenshots of the Azure Portal that predate the creation of this archive, please submit an Issue or Pull Request to get them added to the project. Just please make sure there isn't any sensitive, confidential, or personally identifiable information (PII) in the screenshots that you do not have permission to share publicly. Any sensitive information can be masked with blurring or blocked out if necessary.


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