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Etymology is a ASP.NET Core architecture demonstration of SPA (single page application), with the latest and popular technologies. It is a fully functional website with well-designed architecture. The server side is based on ASP.NET Core 2.0 and C# 7.1, and the client side is based on Bootstrap and ES 2015+, integrated with npm, webpack. It demnstrates the aspects of ASP.NET Core architecture of SPA, including:

  • Server-side middleware implementation
  • Server-side rendering with Razor engine
  • Tracing and logging
  • Error handling
  • Configuration management
  • Data access with Entity Framework Core
  • security, especially anti forery request
  • Client bundling with Webpack
  • ES2015+ transpile with Babel
  • Responsible UX design based on Boostrap
  • Content protection from hot link and crawler

To run the code, open Etymology.sln with visual Studio 2017 or open the root folder with Visual Studio Code, build and run Etymology.Web. csproj.