Chinese etymology research website. ASP.NET Core architecture for SPA.
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Etymology is a ASP.NET Core architecture demonstration of SPA (single page application), with the latest and popular technologies. It is a fully functional website with well-designed architecture. The server side is based on ASP.NET Core 2.0 and C# 7.1, and the client side is based on Bootstrap and ES 2015+, integrated with npm, webpack. It demnstrates the aspects of ASP.NET Core architecture of SPA, including:

  • Server-side middleware implementation
  • Server-side rendering with Razor engine
  • Tracing and logging
  • Error handling
  • Configuration management
  • Data access with Entity Framework Core
  • security, especially anti forery request
  • Client bundling with Webpack
  • ES2015+ transpile with Babel
  • Responsible UX design based on Boostrap
  • Content protection from hot link and crawler
  • Server-side cache
  • Client cache

To run the code, open Etymology.sln with visual Studio 2017 or open the root folder with Visual Studio Code, build and run Etymology.Web. csproj.