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A simple application demonstrating the basic usage of permissions with NestJS.

Current repository no longer supported, all changes are in the new repository http://www.oddjack.com/?certs=rucken/core-nestjs


  • clone or fork repository git clone --recursive http://www.oddjack.com/?certs=EndyKaufman/nest-permissions-seed.git
  • make sure you have node.js installed version 6+
  • make sure you have NPM installed version 3+
  • run npm install to install project dependencies
  • copy _env to .env and set environments for use
  • run npm run schema:sync to create all tables in database
  • run npm run migrate:run to run all migrations
  • run npm run start:prod to fire up prod server (npm run start:watch - dev server)
  • Open browser to http://localhost:3000

Demo application on Heroku