Simple Test: how to generate 10K unique & random numbers in C# (made using VS.NET 2017)
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This project is a console app written in C#


  • Generate a list of 10,000 numbers in random order each time it is run.

  • Each number in the list must be unique and be between 1 and 10,000 (inclusive)


  • Just clone / download the repo, open csharp-solution\NumberGenConsole.sln in VS.NET 2017 and run it.

  • Running in release mode is obviously advised.

  • 4 different methods were explored

The project:

  1. Run a benchmark: every method / algorithm is executed 100 times, then average execution time is outputted.

  2. Execute a simple test to make sure numbers array is as expected.

The 4 methods are as follow:

  • Method #1

    We use the Random class to generate random numbers, which are added to a HashSet

  • Method #2

    We declare an int[] array and initialize it so that we have an ordered array, ie.

    NbrList[0] = 1
    NbrList[1] = 2
    NbrList[2] = 3
    NbrList[99] = 100

    Then we use LINQ and Random to randomize numbers array (not the fastest option, I included it just for fun)

  • Method #3

    Exactly the same as method #2, except we use a custom extension / helper method to shuffle our int array using Fisher-Yates algorithm

    The Fisher-Yates algorithm time complexity is O(n), which makes it far more efficient than the "classic" naive implementation

  • Method #4

    We use the Random class to generate random numbers, which are added to a Dictionary

My personal pick is the third one.