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Google Contacts Events Notifier


Receive customized email notifications to alert you about incoming birthdays or other events of your Google contacts.

Have you ever wondered why on Earth would Google Calendar provide a calendar to remind you of your contact birthdays, but without letting you set up notifications for its events?
I did. And after hours of fruitless searching and browsing I found a post in the Google Help Forum which seemed to provide a solution, however it did not quite work.

This project takes inspiration from that code to solve the problem of the missing notifications on Google Calendar Birthday Calendar.

How to setup

Enable the calendar

First of all you need to enable your contacts birthday and events calendar in you Google Calendar (read this Google help page to know how to do it).

Create the script

Copy the whole content of this file.
Open Google Script and login if requested, then paste the code into the page.

Customize the script

Now read carefully the code you've pasted. At the top of the file you will find some lines you need to modify along with many lines of instructions. Edit the values as explained by the instructions.

Once you're done editing the variables click File->Save in the menu and enter a name for the script (it doesn't really matter, just name it so that you'll recognize it if you find it in the future).

The customization variables can be categorized in three groups.

Mandatory customization

These are the first settings you will find: these are variables that you must initialize correctly, otherwise the script will not work at all.
These are the names of the variables:

  • settings.user.googleEmail
  • settings.user.notificationEmail
  • settings.user.calendarId

Optional customization

This second groups of settings contains some variables than you could leave as they are, but you are warmly encouraged to edit them, so as to fit your exact needs.
These are the names of the variables:

  • settings.user.emailSenderName
  • settings.user.lang
  • settings.user.accessGooglePlus
  • settings.notifications.hour
  • settings.notifications.timeZone
  • settings.notifications.anticipateDays
  • settings.notifications.eventTypes
  • settings.notifications.maxEmailsCount
  • settings.notifications.maxPhonesCount
  • settings.notifications.indentSize
  • settings.notifications.compactGrouping

Debugging options

Variables in this group are used to debug and troubleshoot the script when it does not work as intended. Generally you should not need to edit these values, but you may be asked to do so if you submit a help request.
These are the names of the variables:

  • settings.debug.log.filterLevel
  • settings.debug.log.sendTrigger
  • settings.debug.testDate

Developer options

This list just provides a convenient place for the developers and/or maintainers to update variables without searching through the code. For normal use you should never need or want to edit these.

  • settings.developer.version
  • settings.developer.repoName
  • settings.developer.gitHubBranch

Activate API for the script

Now that the script is saved in your Google Drive folder we need to activate it. To do so click the menu Resources->Advanced Google services.
In the popup which will open set "Google Calendar API" to enabled (click the switch on its row on the right).
Once you have done this click on the link which says "Google API Console": you will be taken to another page. In this page search for "Google Calendar API" and open it. Now click Enable at the top of the window and close this page.
Unless you have set the accessGooglePlus setting to false, then repeat these steps for "Google+ API". Set it to enabled in the list, click on the "Google API Console" link, search for "Google+ API" and activate it. That's it for this step.

Important note: please double check that you have performed all steps correctly as this seems to be the cause of many reported errors.

Grant rights to the script

We have given the script access to the resource it needs to work: now the last step is granting it the rights to access those resources. To do so click on the menu Run->notifStart. You will be prompted to "Review authorizations": do it and click Allow (You can read the full list of the permissions and why they are required here). From this moment on you will always receive an email before any of your contacts' birthday (You should have set how many days before at the beginning).

Additional information


If you want to add a new translation of the notifications, open your script, find the line var i18n and have a look at the structure of the translation object and at the instructions at the end.

To add a new language:

  • find the block of code which represents one existing translation and copy it, for example:

    'it': {
      'Age': 'Età',
      'Main phone': 'Telefono principale',
  • paste it just below itself, like this:

    'it': {
      'Age': 'Età',
      'Main phone': 'Telefono principale',
    'it': {
      'Age': 'Età',
      'Main phone': 'Telefono principale',
  • replace the language code of your translation with your language code and proceed to translate every item in the list, leaving the string on the left of the : unchanged and translating the one on the right, like this:

    'it': {
      'Age': 'Età',
      'Main phone': 'Telefono principale',
    'de' : {
      'Age': 'Alter',
      'Main phone': 'Hauptnummer',

If you want to share your translation with other users please open an issue or a pull request on Github. I will be glad to add your translation to the script.

Stop the notifications

To stop receiving these notifications simply open the script (which you'll find in Google Drive if you haven't moved it) and click the menu Run->notifStop.

Bug and error reporting, help requests

First of all before submitting a new error, bug or help request, please, verify that you followed the instructions to the letter.

To report a bug or an error or to request help with this script please use this project GitHub issue page: I will be notified immediately and will provide help as soon as possible.

In the text of the message please follow the template provided and include:

  • A meaningful description of the problem. What did you do? What happened? What did you expect to happen instead?
  • A full copy of any error message you received or of the thing that went wrong. Please be advised that it could contain personal information such as your email: obscure or remove them as all the issues and relative messages are publicly visible.

I really need these information: without them I will not be able to help you.

Unresponsive help requests

If you open a help request issue please do not abandon it until it's been solved and closed. If you want to close it before explicitly state this intention with a message in the issue.

Issues marked with the help request tag that are unresponsive will be sent a reminder message after three days since the last message from the user and the issue will be marked with the unresponsive tag. If the user still does not respond to the issue, after a month the issue will be closed.

If you want to re-open a closed help request issue ask for this by commenting on it.
Only the user which has originally opened the issue can ask for it to be re-opened.

Testing the script

If you want to test the script, but during these days none of your contacts have a birthday you can use the test() function.

To do so, open the script and edit the fakeTestDate variable in the debugging configuration section. You just need to replace the example date with the date you want to test, then click Run->test in the menu at the top of the page. If everything went right you should receive a birthday notification exactly like if today was the date you set.

Updating the script

This script is constantly updated to fix bugs and add new features: keeping it updated to the latest version is really easy:

  1. Whenever a new stable version is released you will see a lien of text at the end of your daily email notification telling you to click on a link to get the latest version;
  2. If you do so you will be taken to a page with a description of the new release;
  3. The description will contain a precise step by step guide on how to update the script to this version: follow it closely and you should not have any problem;
  4. After updating the code always click Run->notifStop and Run->notifStart in the top menu to finish the update process.
    Note: you might be asked to grant some new permissions to the script. There is nothing wrong with this: it just means that the new version requires some permissions that the previous version did not.
    You can read the full list of the permissions and why they are required here

Permissions required

When running the script for the first time or after an update you might be asked by Google to "grant some permissions" to the script. This happens because the script needs your explicit permission to access your data.

This is an exhaustive description of the reason the script needs each of the permissions:

  • Know your age range and language + View your email addresses
    This is needed to retrieve information about your Google Plus contacts, especially those who you have not added in your Google Contacts, but just followed on Google Plus. The script will only get information about people who appear in your birthday calendar. If you prefer to not access Google Plus at all set settings.user.accessGooglePlus = false before running any functions and do not enable the Google+ API.
  • Manage your Google Contacts
    This lets the script access information about your contacts (names, email addresses, birthdays). The script will not modify any of your contacts.
  • Manage your calendars
    This lets the script access your birthday and events calendar. The script will get the events from this calendar only and will never modify any event or calendar.
  • Allow this application to run when you are not present
    This is needed to run the script every day at the hour you specified.
  • Send email as you
    Obviously this script needs your authorization to send you the email notifications. It won't send any other email to anyone.
  • Connect to an external service
    This permission is needed to check for updates and to load the profile images of your contacts.


Google Contacts Events Notifier is an open source project: if you want to know how to contribute please read the CONTRIBUTING file.


Google Contacts Events Notifier is licensed under the MIT license.