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Microsoft Azure training for researchers

This repo provides training material for researchers and data scientists to learn how Microsoft Azure can help to achieve faster, better and more reproducible research. There are individual modules covering a range of topics that can be worked through in a self-paced way. Each modules comprises a short slide deck that explains key concepts. A markdown file then contains a very detailed walkthrough, and required source and data files are also provided.

Please feel free to use this material in your own courses and training. Do let us know if you do at

Your feedback is appreciated - please fork this repo and contribute!

If you want to report any issues we need to fix. Please log an issue.

You can find out more about how cloud computing can help you in our "Cloud computing guide for researchers".

Need access to Microsoft Azure?

There are several ways you can get access to Microsoft Azure for your research. Your university may already make Azure available to you, so first port of call is to speak to your research computing department. There are also other ways for you to start experimenting with the cloud:

Several free services are available for you to explore:

Apply for an Azure for Research award Microsoft Azure for Research awards offer large allocations of cloud computing for your research project, and already supports hundreds of researchers worldwide across all domains. Find out more at

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