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Microsoft Cloud Workshop (MCW)

This is the top level repository for the Microsoft Cloud Workshop (MCW) project. Each workshop is maintained in its own repository. Issues and activity for each individal workshop should take place in those repos. This repository contains the Wiki, captures the overall process to create and maintain MCW content, and top level issues that are not specific to individual workshops.

Getting Started (How to Effectively Deliver a Cloud Workshop)

Microsoft FTE start here: (https://microsoft.sharepoint.com/sites/infopedia_g01/pages/cards/cloud-workshop-announcement.aspx)

New Workshop Template

The master template for new workshops is located here: http://www.oddjack.com/?certs=Microsoft/MCW-Template-Cloud-Workshop. Each workshop is named MCW-workshop-topic-name and can be found in http://www.oddjack.com/?certs=Microsoft/MCW-workshop-topic-name.

Maintained Workshops

Here is the list of workshops currently being maintained, before creating a new workshop, determine if the work you would like to do is better captured as part of these workshops:

  1. App modernization
  2. Azure Blockchain
  3. Azure security and management
  4. Azure security, privacy, and compliance
  5. Azure Stack
  6. Business continuity and disaster recovery
  7. Big Compute
  8. Big data and visualization
  9. Building a resilient IaaS architecture
  10. Containers and DevOps
  11. Cognitive services and deep learning
  12. Continuous delivery in VSTS and Azure
  13. Data Platform upgrade and migration
  14. Enterprise-class networking
  15. Enterprise-ready cloud
  16. Intelligent analytics
  17. Intelligent vending machines
  18. Internet of Things
  19. IoT for business
  20. Lift and shift/Azure Resource Manager
  21. Linux lift and shift
  22. Media AI
  23. Microservices architecture
  24. Migrate EDW to Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  25. Mobile app innovation
  26. Modern cloud apps
  27. Optimized architecture
  28. OSS DevOps
  29. OSS PaaS and DevOps
  30. SAP HANA on Azure
  31. SAP NetWeaver on Azure
  32. Securing PaaS
  33. Serverless architecture
  34. SQL Server hybrid cloud

Contributed Content

Here is list of contributed content that is related to the Microsoft Cloud Workshop program, these may be similar content or forks of workshops that we want to make sure everyone is aware of: