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3. Click on the **Directory and Subscription filter** button in the top menu of the Azure Portal, and select the **Northwind Traders** Azure AD directory


4. In the navigation pane on the left, click on **Azure Active Directory**


5. Before the Azure AD Tenant can be deleted, it first needs to be cleaned up

6. On the Azure Active Directory blade, click on **Users**


7. Go through and **Delete** each of the Users that were created for this lab


8. On the **Azure Active Directory** blade, click on **App registrations**


9. Click the **View all application** button to show all application registration

10. Click on the **Azure Blockchain Workbench Web Client** app registration


12. Click the **delete** button, and click **Yes** to confirm deleting the app registration


13. On the **Azure Active Directory** blade, click **Delete directory** button, and click the **Delete** button on the **Delete directory 'Northwind Traders'?** confirmation pane


You should follow all steps provided *after* attending the hands-on lab.

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