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Visual Studio Code
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mjbvz Add typings for simple `_` and other parameters that are missing types
For #70352

Uses `unknown` for parameters that we don't care about the type of. This prevents the type from being used incorrectly (which `any` would allow)
Latest commit eac0483 Mar 20, 2019
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.github explorer issues back to isidorn Feb 18, 2019
.vscode Strict null check VS Code Mar 19, 2019
build Strict null check VS Code Mar 19, 2019
extensions server ready feature: fix #70537 Mar 19, 2019
resources Fix icon name in rpm spec Mar 18, 2019
scripts Enable Windows integration tests Feb 12, 2019
src Add typings for simple `_` and other parameters that are missing types Mar 20, 2019
test debug: transform actions to commands and contribute them properly Mar 19, 2019
.editorconfig No forcing tabsize on users Dec 19, 2018
.eslintrc.json eslintrc: Mark as root config Sep 10, 2018
.gitattributes attributes: rtf files are not text Mar 19, 2019
.gitignore bundle into dist folder, copy ask-pass shell scripts into dist, some 💄 Aug 9, 2018
.mention-bot update mention bot configuration Jul 11, 2016
.nvmrc Update .nvmrc Mar 18, 2019
.yarnrc bump electron@3.1.6 Mar 10, 2019 Create Aug 26, 2017 Update contributing guidelines; some issues may be OS specific (#66289) Jan 9, 2019
LICENSE.txt fix line endings Mar 5, 2018 Try again Feb 14, 2019
ThirdPartyNotices.txt OSS tool Feb 25, 2019
azure-pipelines.yml rename tfs to azure-pipelines Nov 19, 2018
cglicenses.json Remove no longer needed license override Nov 20, 2018
gulpfile.js Adopt task.define (better task names) Feb 12, 2019
package.json Restore download-builtin-extensions task Mar 19, 2019
product.json fix license Mar 19, 2019
tsfmt.json fix hygiene Mar 6, 2018
tslint.json make ts lint happy Mar 19, 2019
yarn.lock vscode-xterm@3.13.0-beta1 Mar 8, 2019

Visual Studio Code - Open Source

Build Status Feature Requests Bugs Gitter

VS Code is a type of tool that combines the simplicity of a code editor with what developers need for their core edit-build-debug cycle. It provides comprehensive editing and debugging support, an extensibility model, and lightweight integration with existing tools.

VS Code is updated monthly with new features and bug fixes. You can download it for Windows, macOS, and Linux on VS Code's website. To get the latest releases every day, you can install the Insiders version of VS Code. This builds from the master branch and is updated daily at the very least.

VS Code in action

The vscode repository is where VS Code is developed and there are many ways in which you can participate in the project, for example:


If you are interested in fixing issues and contributing directly to the code base, please see the document How to Contribute, which covers the following:

Please also see our Code of Conduct.


Related Projects

Many of the core components and extensions to Code live in their own repositories on GitHub. For example, the node debug adapter and the mono debug adapter have their own repositories.

For a complete list, please visit the Related Projects page on our wiki.

Bundled Extensions

Code ships with a set of extensions. These extensions are located in the extensions folder. These extensions include grammars and snippets for several languages. Extensions that provide rich language support (code completion, go to definition) for a language have the suffix 'language-features'. For example, the 'json' extension provides coloring for JSON and the 'json-language-features' provides rich language support for JSON.


Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Licensed under the MIT License.

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