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AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Notes 2018

Curated documentation/study notes on going through the Udemy, Certified Solutions Archictect - Associate 2018 course. These notes are to help myself, as well as, anyone else going through this same course study and prepare for the exam. Thanks!

My Study Practice

While planning out my study schedule, I felt it would be necessary to watch one section a week, starting with Section 2: 1000 ft overview, followed up by 6 days of review (1 - 2 hours a day) solidifying everything I learned. This seems to work for me but might be either too slow or fast for someone else. That's OK! Learn at your own pace until you feel comfortable with the concepts, practices and information given!

The Exam Blueprint

As of 2018, you are now given the option taking either the Standard Solutions Architect Associate Exam or the BETA Solutions Architect Associate Exam! Let's have a look at the differences...

Standard Exam

The standard exam content coverage is spread across 4 domains. Will be retired soon. (exact date);

Objective Weighting
Designing highly available, cost efficient, fault tolerant scalable systems 60%
Implementing / Deploying 10%
Data Security 20%
Troubleshooting 10%

Details about this exam:

  • 80 minutes in length
  • 60 questions
  • $150 USD
  • Multiple choice
  • Pass mass based on bell curve
  • Aim for 70%
  • Qualification is valid for 2 years
  • Scenario based questions

Beta Exam

Easier. Will not get results for 3 months afte completion. Across 5 different domains.

Objective Weighting
Design Resilient Architectures 34%
Define Perfomant Architectures 24%
Specify Secure Applications and Architectures 26%
Design Cost-Optimized Architectures 10%
Define Operationally-Excellent Architectures 6%