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Classify GPU's based on their benchmark score in order to provide an adaptive experience.
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Detect GPU

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Classify GPU's based on their benchmark score in order to provide an adaptive experience.


Live demo


Make sure you have Node.js installed.

 $ npm install detect-gpu


detect-gpu uses benchmarking scores in order to determine what tier should be assigned to the user's GPU. If no WebGLContext can be created or the GPU is blacklisted TIER_0 is assigned. One should provide a HTML fallback page that a user should be redirected to.

By default are all GPU's that have met these preconditions classified as TIER_1. Using user agent detection a distinction is made between mobile (mobile and tablet) prefixed using GPU_MOBILE_ and desktop devices prefixed with GPU_DESKTOP_. Both are then followed by TIER_N where N is the tier number.

In order to keep up to date with new GPU's coming out detect-gpu splits the benchmarking scores in 4 tiers based on rough estimates of the market share.

By default detect-gpu assumes 10% of the lowest scores to be insufficient to run the experience and is assigned TIER_0. 40% of the GPU's are considered good enough to run the experience and are assigned TIER_1. 30% of the GPU's are considered powerful and are classified as TIER_2. The last 20% of the GPU's are considered to be very powerful, are assigned TIER_3, and can run the experience with all bells and whistles.

You can tweak these percentages when registering the application as shown below:

import { getGPUTier } from "detect-gpu";

const GPUTier = getGPUTier({
  mobileBenchmarkPercentages: [10, 40, 30, 20], // (Default) [TIER_0, TIER_1, TIER_2, TIER_3]
  desktopBenchmarkPercentages: [10, 40, 30, 20], // (Default) [TIER_0, TIER_1, TIER_2, TIER_3]
  forceRendererString: "Apple A11 GPU", // (Development) Force a certain renderer string
  forceMobile: true, // (Development) Force the use of mobile benchmarking scores


$ npm start

$ npm run serve

$ npm run lint

$ npm run dist

$ npm run deploy

$ npm run parse-analytics

$ npm run update-benchmarks


My work is released under the MIT license.

detect-gpu uses both mobile and desktop benchmarking scores from

The unmasked renderers have been gathered using the analytics script that one can find in scripts/analytics_embed.js.

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