The course files for a section to give you enough programming knowledge to pass the Unity Certification exam.
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Section Introduction: Programming

  • This section gets you coding!
  • The main skill we be reading code
  • Experienced coders: focus on objectives
  • Novice coders: focus on the patterns

Unity Interface: Creating Scripts

  • 3 ways to create new scripts in Unity.
  • How to attach a script to a GameObject.
  • How to rename scripts in Unity.
  • Creating output to the Console.

Variables » Integer, Floating Point

  • Variables and why we use them.
  • Integers and Floating Point types.
  • Doing arithmetic on variables.
  • Printing those variables out.

Methods/Functions » Declaration & Use

  • Explain the purpose of methods/functions.
  • Differentiate methods by their result.
  • Using methods to abstract.
  • How to declare and call a method.

Unity Interface: Public vs Private

  • Differentiate public variable within code.
  • A quick overview of a C# script’s structure.
  • Introducing public vs private.
  • Beware that if unspecified a variable is private.

Variables » Vector3 (Objects and Classes)

  • Define variables.
  • Understanding classes in C#.
  • How classes and objects relate.
  • Creating instances of classes.
  • Using the Vector3 class.

GameObject » Components

  • Accessing components on GameObjects.
  • Updating an object’s transform from code.
  • Public vs private methods.

Time » DeltaTime

  • Explain DeltaTime.
  • How to move components with their transform.
  • Adjusting for frame time.
  • Revision of speed, time and distance.

MonoBehaviour API » Fixed Update

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of specific methods.
  • The Unity execution order.
  • Adding forces to Physics objects.

Conditionals and Instantiation

  • How to instantiate from a Prefab in code.
  • Conditional execution.
  • Boolean variables.
  • Performing actions on user input.

Camera API » ScreenPointToRay

  • Recognize the purpose of existing code.
  • Using the ScreenPointToRay function.
  • Introducing the Ray type.
  • Visualising 3D debug information.
  • Using Debug.DrawRay.

Quaternion » Use of

  • Explain Quaternions
  • How rotations are represented in Unity.
  • Different ways of constructing rotations.
  • Converting a vector direction into a rotation.

Improving Gameplay

  • Adding a goal to our game.
  • I challenge you to improve the gameplay!