Itty.bitty is a tool to create links that contain small sites
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itty.bitty takes html (or other data), compresses it into a URL fragment, and provides a link that can be shared. When it is opened, it inflates that data on the receiver’s side.

Learn more at

Detailed workings


Handcrafted HTML files

Drag one into the editor to convert it.


Paste a codepen URL into the editor. Get started with a template or look at some samples.

Size Limits

While most sites support 2000 bytes, some can handle more.


One simple way to host is to forward a domain. Just paste the itty.bitty url in the redirect.

Generating links programatically

Encoding (Mac)

echo -n 'hello world' | lzma -9 | base64 | printf "\n" "$(cat -)"

Encoding (Linux)

echo -n 'hello world' | lzma -9 | base64 -w0 | printf "\n" "$(cat -)"

Encoding (Win Git/WSL)

echo -n 'hello world' | xz --format=lzma -9 | base64 -w0 | printf "\n" "$(cat -)"

Encoding (Python)

base64.b64encode(lzma.compress(bytes("hello world",encoding="utf-8"), format=lzma.FORMAT_ALONE, preset=9))

Encoding (Node.js)

''+Buffer.from(lzma.compress("Hello World", 9)).toString('base64')

Decoding (Mac)

echo -n "[URL]" | sed -E 's/^.*#[^\/]*\/\??//g' | base64 -D | lzma -d

Decoding (Linux)

echo -n "[URL]" | sed -E 's/^.*#[^\/]*\/\??//g' | base64 -d | lzma -d

Decoding (Win Git/WSL)

echo -n "[URL]" | sed 's/^.*#[^\/]*\///g' | base64 -d | xz --format=lzma -d