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Testing sketch for the Infineon TLE94112LE Arduino Shield
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Infineon TLE94112LE Test

Interactive test platform for the infineon TLE94112LE Shield for Arduino

Workbench platform

Design note

This is the software application created with the Arduino IDE 1.8.3 to run the test platform.

This application is specific for the hardware building but can be easily modified to run with different kind of brushed motors and other inductive components.

The test platform has been created to manage interactively most (almost all) of the features and functions of the motor controller shield. This version uses 6 brushed geared micro motors running at 6V max (power is set to 5.5V).

Test platform detail

Functional components

The platform has a LCD display to interactively show the motor settings. Every single motor can be set separately or all together. The TLE94112LE shield motors are powered by a 5.5V regulated DC-DC small board while a potentiometer connected to the Arduino channel A0 is used to dynamically modify the PWM duty cycle.

Please note that the duty cycle configuration is related to the PWM even also the software permit setting different duty cycle values for every single motor it is not working due the limitation of the board. The duty cycle setting should be used selecting all the motors together. This issue will be updated in future versions.


Test platform detail

This software is compatible with Arduino UNO R3, Genuino 101 and Arduino 101 but the best performances can be obtained with the Infineon XMC1100 Boot kit Arduino compatible board.


Excluding the potentiometer on the board all the controls are sent via terminal through a USB-to-serial connection. When the system is in running mode it can accept configuration commands that will be effective after a stop and start call.

If errors occur while the system is running these are shown in detail on the serial terminal and are notified on the LCD screen

The available commands are listed below:

Direction control

  • cw : clockwise rotation
  • ccw : counterclockwise rotation
  • accel : enable the acceleration when motor start
  • noaccel : disable the acceleration when motor start

Action commands

  • start : start all motors
  • stop : stop all motors
  • reset : reset the system to the default

Duty cycle settings to PWM channels

  • dcmanual : Set the duty cycle value depending on the pot
  • dcauto : Set the duty cycle current limits
  • dcmin : Set the min duty cycle value via pot
  • dcmax : Set the max duty cycle value via pot
  • dcinfo : Shows the duty cycle range for the selected PWM channel

PWM channel selection for duty cycle settings

  • dc80 : Set the duty cycle to the PWM channel 80Hz
  • dc100 : Set the duty cycle to the PWM channel 100Hz
  • dc200 : Set the duty cycle to the PWM channel 200Hz
  • dcPWM : Set the duty cycle to all the PWM channels

Motor select for settings

  • all : Select and enable all motors
  • none : Disble all motors
  • m1 : select motor 1
  • m2 : select motor 2
  • m3 : select motor 3
  • m4 : select motor 4
  • m5 : select motor 5
  • m6 : select motor 6

Motor enable

  • m1+ : enable motor 1
  • m2+ : enable motor 2
  • m3+ : enable motor 3
  • m4+ : enable motor 4
  • m5+ : enable motor 5
  • m6+ : enable motor 6

Enabling motors does not change their status nor the enabling

PWM Frequency selector (assign PWM channels to motors)

  • noPWM : No PWM
  • 80 : PWM 80 Hz
  • 100 : PWM 100 Hz
  • 200 : PWM 200 Hz

Freewheeling mode motor(s) setting

  • fwactive : Fereewheeling active
  • fwpassive : Freewheeling passive

Show all motorws configuration

  • conf : Dump the current settings

Configuration dump

Below the default settings in the tables shown on the terminal after a conf command call.

Motors settings

Motor Enabled Active FW Dir PWM
M1 No Yes CW No
M2 No Yes CW No
M3 No Yes CW No
M4 No Yes CW No
M5 No Yes CW No
M6 No Yes CW No

PWM settings

PWM Chan DC Min DC Max DC Man Accel
80 Hz 50 255 No No
100 Hz 50 255 No No
200 Hz 50 255 No No
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