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Find file Copy path
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package(default_visibility = ["//visibility:public"])
load("//tools:defaults.bzl", "karma_web_test")
name = "tsconfig.json",
actual = "//packages:tsconfig-build.json",
name = "web_test_bootstrap_scripts",
# do not sort
srcs = [
# Including systemjs because it defines `__eval`, which produces correct stack traces.
name = "angularjs_scripts",
srcs = [
# We also declare the unminfied AngularJS files since these can be used for
# local debugging (e.g. see: packages/upgrade/test/common/test_helpers.ts)
# To run a karma_web_test target locally on SauceLabs:
# 1) have SAUCE_USERNAME, SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY (and optionally a SAUCE_TUNNEL_IDENTIFIER) set in your environment
# 2) open a sauce connection with `./scripts/saucelabs/`
# NOTE: uses `node_modules/sauce-connect` which is current linux specific:
# "sauce-connect": "".
# On OSX or Windows you'll need to use the appropriate sauce-connect binary.
# 3) run target with `yarn bazel test --config=saucelabs <target>`
# NOTE: --config=saucelabs is required as it makes the SAUCE_XXX environment variables available to
# the action. See /.bazelrc.
name = "test_web_all",
tags = [
deps = [
# We combine all tests into a single karma_web_test target
# as running them as seperate targets in parallel leads to too many
# browsers being acquired at once in SauceLabs and the tests flake out
# TODO: this is an example subset of tests below, add all remaining angular tests
# "//packages/router/test:test_lib",
# //packages/router/test:test_lib fails with:
# IE 11.0.0 (Windows bootstrap should restore the scrolling position FAILED
# Expected undefined to equal 5000.
# at stack (eval code:2338:11)
# at buildExpectationResult (eval code:2305:5)
# at expectationResultFactory (eval code:858:11)
# at Spec.prototype.addExpectationResult (eval code:487:5)
# at addExpectationResult (eval code:802:9)
# at Anonymous function (eval code:2252:7)
# at Anonymous function (eval code:339:25)
# at step (eval code:133:17)
# at Anonymous function (eval code:114:50)
# at fulfilled (eval code:104:47)
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