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Code for the ASP.NET Community Stand-up site.

Staging -

Production -

Local Development Configuration

This project now requires Visual Studio 2017 RC build 15.0.0-RC.3+26127.0 or higher, or if using the .NET CLI with VS Code or an OmniSharp enabled editor, .NET Core SDK 1.0 RC3 build 004530 or higher.

To run the site locally with live data and login, you'll need some configuration values in your user secrets store. If the values aren't found, hard-coded YouTube sample data will be used, and the next show details will be saved to the root of the app in a JSON file.

To enable sign-in to the Admin page, you'll need configuration values in your secret store for an Azure AD endpoint, plus you'll need to update the Authorization section of appsettings.json to list the usernames of the Azure AD accounts you want to allow.

To configure the secret values, use the user-secret command, e.g.:

dotnet user-secrets set AppSettings:YouTubeApiKey <app-server-key>
dotnet user-secrets set AppSettings:AzureStorageConnectionString <azure-storage-connection-string>

dotnet user-secrets set Authentication:AzureAd:Domain <azure-ad-domain-name>

dotnet user-secrets set Authentication:AzureAd:PostLogoutRedirectUri "https://localhost:44300/"