Web Site / Docs

Updated Feb 24, 2018

The AudioKit web site is a github project itself, but we include the project board for it here amongst the other AudioKit projects.

Example Apps

Updated Feb 24, 2018

Updating these examples are a great way to learn AudioKit as well. So, in this project we're going to highlight what could be done to improve our example code.

Improving MIDI

Updated Mar 31, 2018

While AudioKit's MIDI is good, there's always room from improvement, especially when it comes to sequencing. We also want to create more MIDI file manipulation and saving capabilities.

InterAppMIDI / Link

Updated Oct 6, 2018

We have recently added Interapp Audio and Audiobus support. Next up is Ableton Link support.


Updated Feb 24, 2018

This is a starting point for projects.