Rocio Delgado is a GitHubber!

We're super excited to welcome Rocio Delgado to the Core Application Engineering team!

Rocio joins us from the land of Java but will be rolling up her sleeves and diving into the backend of GitHub's Rails application, helping to improve its performance, scalability, and reliability.


Born and raised in Mexico, Rocio will be working for us now from New York City, where she has lived for the last four years. She is an avid yogi and loves to sing and dance - but only in private or with the octocat as a backup dancer 😃 💃

You can follow Rocio on GitHub as @rocio and on Twitter as @rokkzy.

Lucia Escanellas is a GitHubber!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to the newest member of the GitHub Enterprise support team in Europe: Lucia Escanellas.

Lucia Escanellas

Lucia is from Montevideo, Uruguay where there are more cows than people (4:1 ratio), and has recently moved to Amsterdam, NL where there's more water than people (~100000:1 ratio). She studied physics at a University in Paris only to realize she'd prefer to read the whole computer science section from the local bookstore.

If you bump into Lucia, she'll probably jump into any conversation in French, on Ruby or Rails, Static vs Dynamic programming languages, security, and kittens or cute dogs. When she's not computing, she likes to watch Tiranos Temblad.

Be sure to follow her on Twitter and GitHub.

Welcome to the team, Lucia!

Craig Steinberger is a GitHubber!

Say hello to the newest member of the Enterprise Support team, Craig Steinberger!

Craig Steinberger

Craig has been a Unix system administrator since man pages were actually printed on paper, and comes to us from Sun Microsystems and Oracle. When not reading man pages, he also volunteers for Burning Man as a system administrator caring for the systems that keep Burners connected year-round.

Craig is based out of Rochester, New York, and enjoys practicing Aikido, coffee, and watching cheesy 70's TV shows on Netflix.

Be sure to follow Craig on Twitter and GitHub. Welcome Craig!

Ben Gollmer is a GitHubber!

The GitHub Enterprise Support team is starting the new year out right with the addition of Ben Gollmer!


An Enterprise IT™ veteran, Ben brings years of systems, hardware, and integration experience to the team. Ben is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but prior to GitHub, he relentlessly traveled the Midwest with Apple Professional Services (ironically) fixing every Active Directory server he could find.

Ben's first computer was a green screen Apple II. While he no longer has the computer, he managed to hold onto his vintage 5.25" floppy copy of Oregon Trail. It's proudly displayed in his house.

Most of his time is spent computing but you can find Ben hanging out at Bell's or running a Ragnar in his free time.

Follow Ben on GitHub.

Welcome Ben!

Mike Griffin is a GitHubber!

We're growing the GitHub Enterprise support team, and we're excited to welcome Mike Griffin as an Enterprise Support Engineer. Mike will be supporting our customers in European time zones from his base in Dublin, Ireland, using his extensive experience as a system administrator and caring ear at such places as the National Museum of Ireland.

Táimid ag fás agus ag forbairt an foireann tacaíocht GitHub Enterprise, agus tá áthas an domhan orainn fáilte a thabhairt do Mike Griffin mar Enterprise Support Engineer. Beidh Mike mar cuideatheoir do custaméirí i Mór Roinn na hEoirpe ón a theach féin i mBaile Átha Cliath, Éire, ag baint úsáid as a thathaí mar riarthóir córais agus cluas chásnach in áiteanna mar Árd Mhusaem na hÉireann.

Follow Mike on GitHub and Twitter.

Donal Ellis is a GitHubber!

We're growing the GitHub Enterprise support team, and we're excited to welcome Donal Ellis as an Enterprise Support Engineer. Donal has been a superfan since talking to the GitHub team at ZendCon in 2008 and an Enterprise user since 2010.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Donal will use his extensive experience in education, software engineering, and systems administration to provide top notch support to our customers in the Asia Pacific from a variety of Asian and antipodean locales.

Follow Donal on GitHub and Twitter.

Scott Sanicki is a GitHubber!

We’re excited to announce that Scott Sanicki is the newest member of the GitHub Support team!


A former librarian, Scott will use his well-honed research skills and endless thirst for knowledge to help solve issues that arise for our users.

Prior to becoming a librarian, Scott spent 15-years in the software industry working in a variety of roles.

He most recently called Sedona, Arizona home, but is about to embark on an adventure as a digital nomad with his wife, Megan, and their two small dogs.

In his spare time, Scott loves to hike, tinker, and read everything he can get his hands on. He also maintains a free, linux-based web kiosk project for libraries.

You can follow Scott on GitHub.

Welcome to the team, Scott!

Dominik Bamberger is a GitHubber!

Just in time for Oktoberfest Season, we're pleased to announce that Dominik Bamberger has joined GitHub as our newest addition to the European Enterprise Support team!

Dominik is based in Nuremberg, Germany, which geographically belongs to Bavaria, although true Bavarians say otherwise. Previously the Engineering Manager at SUSE Linux Customer Care, he is not only a true Linux grey beard, but a customer service veteran.

When he's not paleo dieting, he loves spending time with his family, practicing martial arts, or performing Slayer sing-alongs under the shower.

Dominik Bamberger

Follow him on GitHub or Twitter.

Herzlich willkommen Dominik!

Matt Hartley is a GitHubber!

Your friendly neighborhood Support team is excited to welcome Matt Hartley to GitHub (and we hear the feeling is mutual)!


Matt joins us from the worlds of non-profit and retail management. His approach to everything in life is delightfully straightforward: be nice to everyone, and the rest will fall nicely into place.

He loves cooking dinner for his family and dreams of growing most of his own food someday. For now he keeps a simple herb garden which gets transformed into amazing pasta sauce about once a week. He spends his leisure days exploring the outdoors with his family and taking long road trips.

"I think it would be really cool to buy my boys a pet goat," Matt muses, "a luxury that I was afforded as a child and think that every kid should experience."

Follow him on GitHub and Twitter.

Elijah Buck is a GitHubber!

The Enterprise Support team just grew larger with the addition of Elijah Buck!

Elijah comes to us from Richland, Washington, or as he lovingly refers to it - the nuclear wasteland of Washington State. Previously, Elijah was responsible for the systems that ran the horse racing industry, so helping support the systems that manage our Enterprise customers' code is a natural next step.

When he's not shaving yaks, he's spending time with his family, laser dogs, and enjoying the outdoors.


Follow him on GitHub.

Welcome Elijah!

Sahra Santosha is a GitHubber!

We're excited to welcome Sahra to the sales team as an Account Manager! Sahra will work to develop, manage and grow relationships with our existing customer base of businesses.

Fun Facts:

  • Former jobs as a telephone psychic and doula
  • Practices acro yoga
  • Amazing poodle/bichon mix named Teddy

Sahra in her spare time also roasts her own coffee beans and cures her own bacon.

You can follow Sahra on GitHub.

Welcome Sahra!


Chris Kelly is a GitHubber!

Our marketing and community efforts recently grew in strength and size with the addition of Chris Kelly to our team.

Chris got his start with computers in 1993, learning to write HTML and viewing his work in Lynx. From there he studied philosophy, attempted to modernize the publishing industry, and perhaps most importantly, worked at a company that printed Star Wars and Disney scenes...on window blinds. About the only thing he hasn't done is pioneer one of the 90's most important fashion trends. We'll try to forgive him.


You can follow Chris on GitHub and Twitter.

Welcome, Chris!

Jamie Murai is a GitHubber!

We're excited to announce that Jamie Murai is the newest supportocat!

Jamie will be bringing the power of GitHub support from Waterloo, Ontario. When not answering questions about force push, he's on his snowboard hunting for fresh powder.

Other Jamie Fun Facts:

  • His superpower is Xcode
  • He's a Y Combinator alum where he worked on Couple
  • He lives in constant fear of being sent to the principal's office


You can follow him on GitHub and Twitter.

Welcome Jamie!

Tal Niv is a GitHubber

GitHub is proud to welcome Tal Niv to its misfit Legal team. Tal is our open sourceress, IP wiz, and all-around agitator.

When not fomenting rebellion at work, Tal plays the harp, teaches intellectual property and cyberlaw, and thinks deep thoughts at 4 am. She is a former IDF lieutenant, start-up veteran, a spectacularly sub-par software engineer, and a Tel-Aviv-ian.

Tal prefers prime single origin Konga beans in her sixteen daily cups of coffee, and thinks that coffee filters are for children (and only very young ones, at that).

Welcome, Tal!


Sim Domingo is a GitHubber!

We're super excited to welcome Sim Domingo to the Enterprise support team. He'll be working from Quezon City in the Philippines and focussing on supporting our customers in the Asia Pacific. He may or may not be making use of his extensive experience writing SMS chat applications.

Sim is a connoisseur of bad low budget movies, and believes that The Vineyard may be one of the "best" movies ever made.

Follow Sim on GitHub and Twitter.