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Atlas: A Cultural Heritage Crowdsource Platform

This is an online crowd-sourced cultural heritage platform project. The online platform intends to preserve the physical and nonphysical cultural heritage elements by means of its users' contributions through the platform's web page and mobile application.

The cultural heritage which can be described as a society's folkloric, artistic, technical and scientific legacy is registered on the platform by users per items. The items will be added, searched and annotated by the users. Each of them will have descriptions and optionally media representations.

You can use Atlas from Web and Android. To visit the webpage or download the latest Android build, please visit Atlas

Tools and Technologies

  • Our backend is written using Django. Thanks to the amazing work done by django team, we are able to develop our backend in a modular, easy to test and deploy manner.
  • For frontend, we use React.js framework.
  • For android, we use Java and Android Studio. Together with full Kotlin support in the latest Android Studio 3.0 release, we are considering to write some part of the android application in Kotlin, and in later stages, completely move to Kotlin. However, this may take a long time.


  • With regards to software development methodology, wi can say that we are somewhat agile. With our 1st milestone at 27th of October, we have created our 1st minimum viable product with authentication and core content viewing/creation functionalities. We plan to create improve upon this MVP in later milestones.
  • To keep track of each team member's status, we meet every week or two. In these meetings, in addition to with what we have done so far, we talk about future directions and possibilities.


  • We try to test our code before deploying it. Two important helpers to this end are Jenkins and Travis. We use Jenkins for deployments and Travis to run our tests.
  • One of our aims is to keep our test coverage as high as possible. Currently, our backend has a very high test coverage, and we plan to increase our test coverage on android and frontend, as well.


  • If you face with any unexpected behaviour or if you have a suggestion, please let us know by creating an issue at Github Issue Tracking System
  • If you want to contribute to the project, please open a pull request and explain your changes. We will review the pull request and give our opinions about it as soon as possible.


  • For more information about project, please visit Wiki Page