A Pebble app to fetch and display the schedule for Colonel By Secondary School, written with Pebble.js.
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CB Schedule

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Available on the Pebble App Store

What is this?

It's a Pebble app for checking what day of the cycle is at Colonel By. You can set your own schedule via the Pebble app.


This app allows you to customize your schedule, notifies you from the Timeline when and where your next class is, and all in a simple to use interface.

How to use?

First, set up your schedule in the app in order to have it display in the main window.

When that's done, the main window shows what day it is (or the next day, if it's after school or not a school day). It also shows the current period. Pressing the select button allows you to view your schedule; the current period is highlighted.

Future plans?

  • Maintenance; additional features as they pop into my head.

Completed List

  • Show your own schedule (DONE as of 2016-04-21)
  • Be able to view your entire schedule with a menu object (DONE as of 2016-05-22)
  • Make it work on Pebble Round and new Pebbles (DONE as of 2016-06-01)
  • Perhaps be able to see one other friend's schedule, so they don't get lost (DONE as of 2016-06-09)
  • Show more details about class on selection (DONE as of 2016-06-14)
  • See more useful information like friend's name and/or classroom (DONE as of 2016-06-14)
  • Timeline support! (DONE as of 2016-10-11)
  • Automatic wakeup and fetching at the beginning of the day (DONE as of 2016-11-23)


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