Summary notes for FIT3088 (Computer Graphics)
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FIT3088 — Computer Graphics

Summary Notes by By Carlos Melegrito

This collection of semi-organised writings is everything I've noted down during the entire semester. Not only will it serve as my revision notes for my exam, but also for reference in the future. Note that a lot of this content stems from Monash University, but most of these writings are of my own.

If you see an issue, just submit one or contact me from my website. To use these summary notes, just click any of the links in the contents below.


  1. 2D Drawing Basics
  2. 2D Transformations
  3. 3D Drawing Basics
  4. 3D Transformations
  5. Projections
  6. Display Lists
  7. Tessellation
  8. The Graphics Process
  9. Clipping
  10. Lighting
  11. Rasterization
  12. Hidden Surface Removal
  13. Shading
  14. Textures
  15. Compositing
  16. Global Illumination
  17. Parallel Rendering