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A complete ML study path, focused on TensorFlow and Scikit-Learn
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Studying through the Internet means swimming inside an infinite ocean of information.

How many times, trying to approach a new topic or subject, you felt baffled, disoriented and without a real "path" to follow, to ensure yourself a deep knowledge and the ability to apply it?

Hi, i'm Giacomo.

I'm an Italian student currently having a stage in a shiny Machine Learning and AI startup in Bologna. My boss asked me if it was possible to create a study path for me and newcomers, and I've put a lot of efforts to share my 3-4 years of walking around the internet and collecting sources, projects, awesome tools, tutorial, links, best practices in the ML field, and organizing them in an awesome and usable way.

This repository is intended to provide three complete and organic learning paths for the following fields:

  • Machine Learning

  • Business Intelligence (coming soon)

  • Cloud Computing (coming soon)

You will both understand theory and be able to apply it in practice, with hands-on projects.

If carefully followed they will bring you to a complete awareness and expendable skill from scratch.

In fact, they do not require any previous knowledge, but being confident with programming and high school math is necessary to understand and implement most of the concepts.

Every source listed here is free or open source.

Click on "watch", I'm updating this in the free time and weekends.

If you want to contact me for whatever reason, just e-mail me at

I think the second guide (Business Intelligence) will be out in 2 or 3 weeks. Yo!

Machine Learning Career -- ALREADY OUT

[Business Intelligence Career -- Coming Soon]

[Cloud Computing Career -- Coming Soon]

[Specializations -- Coming Soon]

This is the roadmap of the coming guides (the Machine Learning one is already out).

Figure 1-1

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