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<section class="quiz" data-title="Implement Web Apps" data-subtitle="Objective 1.4: Configure Scale and Resilience">
<section class="question">
<section class="text">
Which Autoscale schedule setting is needed to conigure Autoscale for a website such
that the number of running instances can be increased during the day and decreased
in the evening?
<section class="answer">Recurring schedule for weekday and weekend</section>
<section class="answer" data-correct>Recurring schedule for day and night</section>
<section class="answer">Specific schedule with a start time in the morning and an end time in the evening</section>
<section class="answer">Speciic schedule with a start time in the evening and an end time in the morning</section>
<section class="question">
<section class="text">
Which are valid instance size settings for an Azure website? (Choose all that apply.)
<section class="answer">A0 (Shared core, 768 MB memory)</section>
<section class="answer" data-correct>Small (1 core, 1.75 GB memory)</section>
<section class="answer" data-correct>Medium (2 cores, 3.5 GB memory)</section>
<section class="answer" data-correct>Large (4 cores, 7 GB memory)</section>