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adding 1.3/1.4 and 1.5 questions #4

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Added Configure Diagnostics, Monitoring and analytics
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Brucius committed Sep 14, 2016
commit 03d2be54030d1963ed617e6ad4595e726e80b564
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<section class="quiz" data-title="Implement Web Apps" data-subtitle="Objective 1.3: Configure Diagnostics, Monitoring and analytics">
<section class="question">
<section class="text">
Which are valid site diagnostic logs in Azure Websites? (Choose all that apply.)
<section class="answer">Application diagnostics</section>
<section class="answer" data-correct>Web server logging</section>
<section class="answer" data-correct>Detailed error messages</section>
<section class="answer" data-correct>Failed reqeust tracing</section>
<section class="question">
<section class="text">
Which Azure PowerShell cmdlet should you use to download the diagnostic logs from
an Azure website to your local computer?
<section class="answer">Get-AzureWebsiteLog</section>
<section class="answer">Enable-AzureWebsiteApplicationDiagnostic</section>
<section class="answer" data-correct>Save-AzureWebsiteLog</section>
<section class="answer">Get-AzureWebsiteMetric</section>
<section class="question">
<section class="text">
Which types of logs can be streamed using the log-streaming service? (Choose all that
<section class="answer" data-correct>Application logs</section>
<section class="answer">Failed request logs</section>
<section class="answer">Detailed error messages</section>
<section class="answer" data-correct>Web server logs</section>
<section class="question">
<section class="text">
When coniguring endpoint monitoring, how many external website locations can you
conigure to perform web tests for an endpoint?
<section class="answer">Zero to three</section>
<section class="answer">Two or more</section>
<section class="answer" data-correct>One to three</section>
<section class="answer">One to two</section>
<section class="question">
<section class="text">
Which is not part of the contents backed up when using the backup service for an
Azure Website?
<section class="answer">Website configuration </section>
<section class="answer" data-correct>Website performance metrics </section>
<section class="answer">Website file content </section>
<section class="answer">Website Databases</section>
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