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This program uses the GitHub "Events" API to print all of the push times for each commit, with its output in LaTeX "tabular" format. This might be useful if you have a student who you suspect of falsifying commit times around a deadline and you need to document what happened.


  1. If you haven't already done this, you'll first need to pip install requests for a necessary library.

  2. Get a GitHub token with all the "Repo" privileges. You do this on the GitHub website (instructions).

  3. Optionally, edit the defautGithubProject variable to reflect your project's name (e.g., for, the project name is RiceComp215). You can also install your GitHub API token in the defaultGithubToken variable.


Now let's say you want to get the commit times for a series of repos with names like assignment3-student1 and assignment3-student2, you can simply run python assignment3-student1 assignment3-student2 and it will print a table with the commit IDs (7 digit prefix, same as reported on GitHub's list of commits), the commit string, and the time at which that commit was pushed to GitHub. Note that times are reported in RFC 3339 style, which is UTC, so you may wish to adjust this to your local time.