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The following are our marketing releases as planned to date. They contain the broad features we're considering. The further away a release is, the less defined it is. Releases are subject to change at any time.


  • Relationship to X

    • Show how the current branch relates to the target branch
    • The target is the default branch or the upstream's default branch
    • Probably let the user switch the target branch
  • Conflict resolution lite

    • Differentiate conflicted files from other changed files
    • Let me choose my mergetool
    • Let me open my mergetool
  • Pull request list

    • Probably a tab in the Branches foldout
    • Group my pull requests vs. others
  • Pull request CI status

    • Show PRs CI status in the above pull request list
  • Auto-config upstreams on fork

    • Create an upstream remote for forks
    • Fetch periodically


  • Full conflict resolution

    • Lots TBD
    • Pick ours/theirs/both
    • Edit inline
    • Abort merge
    • How did I get here?
  • Fork if needed

    • Offer to fork on clone, or push, or ?
  • Protected branches and default branch protection

    • Don't let me commit to branches I shouldn't commit to
    • Guide me to creating my own branches
  • CI status notifications lite

    • Only on my PRs
    • Use OS notifications
    • Notifications link to the PR on dotcom


  • Keep environment up-to-date

    • Do I need to run npm install? bundle install?
    • Is it pluggable?
  • Linting

    • TBD
  • Save face

    • Keep me from making embarrassing mistakes
    • Don't let me commit a file with conflict markers
  • Repository list info

    • Does a repository need my attention?