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Compendium of data, source code and text associated with the publication: D.Giusti, M.Arzarello, 2016, The need for a taphonomic perspective in spatial analysis: Formation processes at the Early Pleistocene site of Pirro Nord (P13), Apricena, Italy, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 8, 235--249
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This repository contains an open licensed compendium of data (/data), source code (/src) and text (/doc) associated with the publication "The need for a taphonomic perspective in spatial analysis: formation processes at the Early Pleistocene site of Pirro Nord (P13), Apricena, Italy", authored by D. Giusti and M. Arzarello (DOI: 10.1016/j.jasrep.2016.06.014). Preprint of the accepted manuscript is available open access on OSF. Refresh with published article after an embargo period of 36 months from the date the article is formally published online.

Publication abstract

Ever since their percolation from neighbour disciplines, archaeology has employed spatial statistics to unravel, at different scales, past human behaviors from scatters of material culture. However, in the interpretation of the archaeological record, particular attention must be given to disturbance factors that operate in post-depositional processes. In this paper, we answer the need for a specific taphonomic perspective in spatial analysis by applying point pattern analysis of taphonomic alterations on the faunal and lithic assemblages from the Early Pleistocene site of Pirro Nord 13, Italy. The site, biochronologically dated between 1.3 and 1.6 Ma BP, provides evidence for an early hominin presence in Europe. The archaeological and paleontological deposits occur as filling of a karst structure that is currently exposed. We investigated the distribution of the archaeological and paleontological assemblages, as well as the distribution of identified taphonomic features, in order to evaluate the degree and reliability of the spatial association of the lithic artifacts with the faunal remains. Our results contribute to the interpretation of the diagenetic history of Pirro Nord 13 and support the stratigraphic integrity of the site.

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The files archived at the DOI above are associated with the publication. The files hosted at are the development versions and may have changed since the repository was published.

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D. Giusti (

Repository licences

Data: CC-BY-4.0 Copyright: specified in the metadata files (data/filename.xml)

Source code: MIT Copyright holder: (2016) Domenico Giusti

Text: CC-BY-4.0 Copyright holders: (2016) Domenico Giusti, Marta Arzarello

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